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Inauguration of Najafgarh - Dhansa Bus Stand Corridor on the Grey Line. This corridor will take the Metro to many new suburban localities in the Najafgarh area of Delhi.

Inauguration of Najafgarh - Dhansa Bus Stand Corridor on the Grey Line. This corridor has the first ever underground Metro station of the Delhi Metro network to have an entire underground floor dedicated for parking of vehicles.

Inauguration of Najafgarh - Dhansa Bus Stand Corridor on the Grey Line. This provides enhanced connectivity to the interior parts of the national capital.

Inauguration of Najafgarh - Dhansa Bus Stand Corridor on the Grey Line. The Dhansa Bus Stand is an underground station and an extension of the presently operational Dwarka- Najafgarh Corridor.

Inauguration of Najafgarh - Dhansa Bus Stand Corridor on the Grey Line. This section on the Grey line of Delhi Metro is 1.2 km in length.

The Scheme has also provided impetus in identification of street vendors which is evident from the fact that within one year the total number of vendors recognised has increased from 15.2 lakhs to about 49 lakhs. The article clearly reflects YELLOW journalism.

The success of the scheme & the positive change it is bringing in the lives of the beneficiaries can be gauged from the fact that about 1 lakh loans have already been repaid, which demonstrates their unflinching faith in the scheme.

Here are the facts. Within a little over just 14 months (including 4 months of 2nd wave), 27.5 lakh loans have been sanctioned; of which 25 lakh loans have already been disbursed. These numbers are increasing every day. Certainly not what the media article wants to believe!

Interestingly, the article is based on an apparently unscientific ‘survey’ which has a severely restricted sample size in only 15 ULBs, & was conducted before the severe second wave of Covid hit us & for reasons best known, has only included vendors not identified by the ULBs.

We have seen a misleading & malicious article almost bordering on manufacturing an alternate narrative on a hugely successful Scheme launched to provide working capital loans to urban street vendors to help them restart their businesses badly affected by the pandemic.

सच्चिदानंद रूपाय विश्वोत्पत्यादिहेतवे, तापत्रय विनाशाय श्री कृष्णाय वयं नम:॥ श्रीकृष्ण जन्माष्टमी के पावन पर्व पर हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं! लीलाधारी भगवान श्रीकृष्ण सबको सुख, स्वास्थ्य, समृद्धि और शान्ति प्रदान करें, मेरी प्रार्थना है।

करारविन्देन पदारविन्दं मुखारविन्दे विनिवेशयन्तं। वटस्य पत्रस्य पुटे शयानं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि || Greetings on the auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami! May Bhagwan Shri Krishna Ji protect us from all dangers & bless us with peace, prosperity, progress & health!!

531 registered solution providers are helping the 100 Smart Cities with telemedicine, smart mobility, intelligent water and waste management, disaster mitigation, etc. For more information please visit

This will also improve quality of waste pick-up service & citizen satisfaction. The volume of urban waste is projected to rise from the present 62 million tonnes in 2020 to about 150 million tonnes by 2030, & solutions are vital for cost-effective management.

is solving overflowing garbage bins & unmanaged solid waste pickups with & . The solution could potentially lower operating costs by 10-15% & improve asset & resource utilization.

Inspected the ongoing construction works of 82 Km Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transport System (RRTS) along with MD, NCRTC & Commissioner, Meerut Division from Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi to Modipuram in Meerut yesterday.

It is helping analyse 7935 daily trips & schedule 750 buses as per demand. The public bus sector in India’s cities operates nearly 25,000 buses carrying roughly 10 million people per day who can benefit from such !

Lakhs of commuters in are using a mobile app that provides actual time of bus arrival and occupancy of seats. using platform is also used.

This will promote the culture of innovation, start-up incubation, trade facilitation, and skill development. With 35 such projects worth > ₹200 crores already completed, smart cities are providing the necessary foundation to upskill citizens across India!

>41 start-ups registered with, AIC SURATi iLAB – the 1st incubation centre in a Smart City in India! AIC SURATi iLAB has 120 co-working spaces, 26 teaching labs, 19 facilitators & 22 mentors.