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Jessica William

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Don't know if you follow Elizabeth? She's a BAD ASS ALPHA woman who speaks her mind!! She's a great follow!

Why do the words of the great John Lewis cause tears to stream down my face? At a time when the very fabric of democracy is being threatened not from foreign actors, but by those elected to protect it, I am reminded that the words of a giant, are mightier than their betrayal

Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, and others are refusing Congressional subpoenas. Susan Mcdougal defied a subpoena and Republicans locked her up for a year and a half. RT if you agree we must . Video by ReallyAmerican1 01

Its my Moms birthday today. She left India for Africa to teach at the young age of 23. I don’t know how she did it! She wanted us to have a bright future. She even gave up pursuing a Phd cause she wanted to be home with us after school. This is a pic of us back in Africa.

Please ‘retweet’ this to show people that we acknowledge, respect and support them.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Office deputy was captured on video repeatedly SLAMMING Shantel Arnold to the ground by her hair! This is absolutely horrifying and UNACCEPTABLE! An investigation has been opened into this officer's actions. He must be held accountable!

Flashback… QUESTION: Tfg has no FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIPS with Russian oligarchs? 😆😆😆 Stumble much? MANAFORT: “That’s what he said…” 😵‍💫😶🙃

Please take a minute and make your voice heard. Support the . Go to for info & tweet or post on Facebook and tell your Senators - Democrat or Republican - to protect the by passing the Freedom to Vote Act this Wednesday.

(Btw I copied and pasted from another gross story about the Russian Oligarch) which proves they are corrupt all the way through. And let's add the disgusting Steve Bannon to this vile mix.

I cannot even begin to express my disgust in Republican voters that are perfectly fine with people like these, oh and others, "there are very fine people on both sides".

Then again, Trump is more Jefferson Davis than Thomas Jefferson Furthermore, being the landlord he is, he would’ve never rented to George Jefferson

🎶Come out Virginia, don't let 'em wait You need to vote before it’s way too late Aw but sooner or later it comes down to fate And is the one!

286 days ago terrorists ransacked the US Capitol and *hours later* 138-of-202 (68%) House republicans voted to make trump a dictator. They tried to finish the rioters’ job and end democracy. Never forget it.

Because History is so hard🤣🤣🤣Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. James Madison is the “father of the Constitution and Trump is just a fucking idiot. Sweet mercies deliver us from these morons.

Lol. Gave up on your Senate account? Enjoy your first and last term. You are toast in the 2024 primary.

An explosive report by the Brazilian Senate asserts that policies of President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil intentionally killed hundreds of thousands of people in Brazil, and Bolsonaro should face homicide charges over his mishandling of the pandemic.

Trump thought the author of the US Constitution was Jefferson which is wrong and a bit ironic since he drove up Madison Avenue every time he went to Jeffrey Epstein’s place.

Y’all! I made the switch! We were AT&T customers for over a decade. But, reading how they funded OANN…We. Are. Out! And bonus??? The new bill is cheaper!

If your Christmas is ruined because of supply chain issues what the fuck are you actually celebrating?

Who's more corrupt than evangelicals? They have to be in the top 5.