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Jessica William

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I guess my tweet on mask mandate for schools in Nevada has brought out so many anti-VAXers. The hate they are spewing out is crazy, they need to go and crawl back into their Ignorant hole. Just keep coming at me you worthless slime I don’t care what you have to say you murderers.

Just read the new Nevada school mask mandate. All students and teachers must wear mask indoors and on buses, unless for medical reasons. Nevada wants to open up all schools to all students but they want to do it safely. Florida and Texas do not care about their school children.

I just want to say how proud I am of Nevada. We put into affect our mask mandate for all people indoors vaccinated or not, last week. The government here in Nevada is very proactive. They care about our people and our businesses.

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Retweet if you're full vaxxed but not relaxed and you stay wearing your mask. (Check the first comment)

Texas and Florida want to kill their people who live there. Two insane governors. They do not care about people’s health. Nevada just updated mask mandate, masks must be worn indoors by everyone. Nevada cares about its people, even unvaccinated idiots.

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Las Vegas just initiated a new mask mandate, everyone must wear a mask indoors regardless of your status. Not a problem for me because I have continually wore my mask since I’ve been vaccinated in March. Damn all those unvaccinated.

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I don’t want Liar rump to die. I want him to live to see what he has become, Nothing, irreverent. A broke, wanna be with nothing, no money, no freedom, and no real friends. Not that he had any friends in the first place but none that he can count on not even his own family.