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Jessica William

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Surprisingly great article from Bloomberg Worker-Owned Businesses Are Having a Moment “If you can say, ‘You’re not investing in a business, you’re investing in a fund that has a thousand businesses underlying it,’ then you’ve got a shot.”

Updates: - Key climate measure out, replacement unclear - Child tax credit to 1yr? - Universal community college, SALT out - Prek, childcare still in - Likely big cuts to housing, eldercare, Medicare expansions, ACA - but 4 now expected in @ reduced level

Hospital bill after a rattlesnake bite.

Richie Neal took a great paid leave plan and made it into a giveaway to the insurance industry

Mayor of Pittsburgh at Summer Lee’s launch for Congress

My hometown was supposed to be the American dream. Our labor made the steel that built America but when the mills left, we paid the price. Now I’m bringing the fight I’ve been in my whole life to Washington - to win a Green New Deal, Medicare For All, and racial justice.

Struggle built the current political moment in Buffalo.

Happy Striketober! I'm inspired by all the workers fighting for their rights and demanding better treatment. When I'm in Congress, I will work to end the ban on secondary strikes, so that workers can act in solidarity with each other across industries.

We live in a world powered by an unimaginable amount of data... Here reports on an international co-op research effort which is looking at how co-ops, trusts and other collaborative models can democratise the data that is collected about us


The ruling class of this country is absolutely terrified that we just might show the working class what it looks like when the United States government delivers for someone who is not a billionaire or a corporation.

ICYMI: We’re a small organization, and the task of putting the movement back in the labor movement is big. Tell your co-workers about Labor Notes. Help us reach our goal of 50K followers by Wednesday's staff meeting at 10AM.

BREAKING: raked in $100,000 from Big Pharma-linked donors in the last three months as she threatened to kill Democrats' drug pricing legislation, according to documents reviewed by .

Manchin also met with Jayapal for 2 hours today 👀👀👀👀

NEW: The workers who make Rice Krispies & Froot Loops are on strike at all Kellogg's U.S. cereal plants. They work 16-hour forced overtime shifts and 7-day work weeks, sometimes up to 120 days straight. Now, amid record profits, Kellogg's wants to cut their pay & benefits.

Come out to celebrate Tom Johnson Day with us this Sunday! We'll be holding a community event from 2-5pm at Berwyn Neighborhood Park. It's completely open to anyone who wants to come by. We'd love for you to join us. More info: