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Watch this and let me know of what you think about the video and it's subject, .

They sell out their country. They sell out their states. They sell out the voters who believed in them. They personally profit off of suffering. That's Joe Manchin. That's Kyrsten Sinema. And that's the truth.

BREAKING NEWS: In a massive loss for Governor Abbott, the Texas bill to block hospitals and businesses from implementing COVID vaccination mandates fails to pass in the Texas legislature. RT IF YOU THINK THAT THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

Brutal. But the facts in it are hard to ignore. Many of the same things could be said of other poor states with rich, powerful Senators (looking at you, Kentucky.) And Manchin has yet to explain how his restrictive ideas would help ordinary West Virginians who aren’t Manchins.

Parents have long struggled to find and afford child care. Their needs were often met by unpaid or underpaid labor from family. As these options went away and care centers closed with COVID, millions of moms stayed home. Investing in our gets everyone back to work.

Dear West Virginia Press new and old, This was the #1 trending video on Twitter yesterday. About Joe Manchin and his crime family. cc:

TERRIFYIN’ FACTS: Hitler led a failed coup attempt in 1923. By 1933, he was Vice-Chancellor. Trump led a failed coup attempt in 2021. The Republican Party wants to return him to power in 2024.

Dear , , , , , , , It is time for The West Virginia Press and activists to tell the truth about Joe Manchin and his crime family.

The Manchin family is a crime family. Like the Sopranos only dumber.

The plan on Jan 6th was to capture or kill Mike Pence so he could not certify the election results. If not Pence, kill enough members of Congress to justify invokin’ martial law. Trump resorted to mass-murder to maintain power the first time. Imagine a second term.

West Virginia has the lowest vaccination rate in the country. Perhaps Senator Manchin's time would be better spent dealing with the problem in his state rather than trying to kill a bill that will lift up all Americans, including those in West Virginia.

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I’m the proud husband of an educator, and I’ve seen firsthand the dedication and selflessness the job requires. Yesterday, we hosted recipients of the 2020 and 2021 Teacher of the Year awards at the White House to celebrate their achievements and thank them for all they do.

To Whom it may concern: This tweet expressly grants all media outlets and journalists across the United States the unrestricted right to broadcast or otherwise distribute this video in whole or in part for free. Signed, Don Winslow/Don Winslow Films

Steve Bannon must face consequences for defying a congressional subpoena and for his role in orchestrating the domestic terrorist attack of January 6.

BREAKING NEWS: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announces that the Chicago Police Department has started to place its anti-vaxxer cops on no-pay leave for failing to get vaccinated against COVID by the city’s deadline. RT TO THANK MAYOR LIGHTFOOT AND CHICAGO FOR STANDING STRONG!

Steve Bannon will be held in Criminal Contempt of Congress. If Merrick Garland doesn’t prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, Congressional oversight is meaningless and so is Democracy.

On January 19, 2021, Manchin called for Democrats to spend up to $4 Trillion on Infrastructure. Don’t let him get away with this. The question is, what the hell changed? Who got to him? What was his price to sell out America?

BREAKING: January 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson officially responds to Steve Bannon, writing him that he’s a “private citizen” and that neither he nor Trump have “executive privilege” or “immunity” regarding his Committee’s investigation. RT IF YOU SUPPORT CHAIRMAN THOMPSON!