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1. Why do I ? My family has always fought for what America truly stands for. Once you dispose of all the rhetoric, at its heart, we should stand for ensuring everyone's voice matters. We have screwed that up a lot, but somehow, in our bumbling way, we have tried to

Meet the Woman Restoring Native American Peaches to the Southwest

Happy 231st birthday to the US Coast Guard. Thank you to the men & women that have served to help protect this country.

Pentagon identifies officer killed in attack as ‘gregarious’ Army veteran. [Updated] Senior Officer George Gonzalez "Officer Gonzalez embodied our values of integrity and service to others.

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.’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is a promise kept to the American people. It’s the largest investment in a clean energy economy that our nation has ever seen—one that will create thousands and thousands of good-paying union jobs.

Republicans lying about the insurrection are garbage. Pass it on.

Scott Dworkin led and continues to lead the digital Resistance against Trump and the GQP. He is currently less than 5.5K followers away from 1 million! Retweet, follow and let’s get him to a million!

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Friends - Discovery Channel & Blue Ant Media have bought the rights to "No Responders Let Behind". While I am embarrassed I am also proud to ensure our story was told. It will air in the new year on Discovery..

BREAKING: Legendary civil rights lawyers Ron Kuby and Marty Garbus today demanded a new trial in "interests of justice" in my Chevron-financed contempt case. Prosecutor Rita Glavin violated the Constitution. A new judge other than Preska must rule.

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Jesus Mary and Joseph. If you’re in California get out and vote against the recall for Newsom or we’re going to have a Republican Governor. Please retweet.

Thread on GOP Madness 1/ We need to talk about the madness. As it is now clear, Trump KNEW there is no election fraud, and SAID SO to Republicans in December... let's expore insanity a little bit. No. I do not mean how insane is Trump I mean, how insane is the GOP

The burner account of tweeted my cameraman’s license plate and full name. Her Press Secretary used his government email to threaten me for my website. Lauren harassed us while filming our documentary. BoBo’s about to go through some things.

NEW Maricopa County Board chair to Senate GOP: ‘Little time to entertain adventure in never-never land.’ Board rejects most of Senate subpoena shortly before 1pm deadline.