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Jessica William

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Considering our campaign literally had to file a police report over the conduct of one of your volunteers during the campaign, I hope you will forgive me for resisting the urge to engage with you. 🙄

Let’s be clear: Ranked ballot would tend to favour any party that appeals to the majority. …And you say that like it’s a bad thing. 🙄

Still think proportional representation is better than rank ballots? With PR, Bernier would now have 17 seats in the House of Commons and official party status. Ranked ballots would push for common ground and shut out extremism.

I doubt my predecessor who formed the first version of said party, the “Liberal-Conservatives” would appreciate being lumped in with you, Erin. ✌️

Thank you.

My second son votes for the first time in Kingston.

Less than 4 hours till polls close

He’s learning something about bingo sheets and how these campaigns work. 🤣🤣

Liberals introduced C-19 to help make things run more efficiently in the event of a pandemic election. The Conservatives used procedural tricks to prevent it from being debated 3 times and dragged out debate another 4 times. Conservatives stalled it at every opportunity.

Let's send back to Parliament! is a stronger community because of what Mark has done, happy to support him.

It’s Election Day! Vote for the candidate who’s a climate champion, helped us throughout our struggles with COVID with support for workers, students, and businesses, and someone who has a history of delivering for Kingston and the Islands! Elect

Kingston and the Islands () ☎ Call or 📱Text: 613-507-6275 for: ℹ Info on how/where to vote 🚗 A ride to and from your voting location

The grades are in. has the 🌲 top climate plan (Mark Jaccard) 🏠 top housing plan (Gen Squeeze) 👶 top child care plan (Gordon Cleveland) 🛑 best gun control plan (PolySeSouvient) 📊 most credible fiscal plan (IFSD) There’s clear choice VOTE for it

Signs get knocked down. We put them up again. You're never going to keep us down.

Backward or forward — that’s the choice Canadians have to make. I know where I stand. And it’s with you.