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Jessica William

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Ultimately, making her art is a way to re-establish her relationship with her roots, “I make a lot of my art for people like myself that want to be connected again,” she says. “I hope I can continue to do that for other people.”

Fanesha is consistently inspired by her culture and is compelled to share it. Her studio space is full of rich colors, natural light, and artworks from her friends. ”I think my studio is like me, open, welcoming, colorful, a little messy, but fun.”

“I think growing up Latina and Hispanic has been such a blessing for me because there is so much beauty in our culture. So I have an endless flow of inspiration. The greatest thing about that, as well, is that I can share that with so many people.”

Fanesha says taking the leap of faith to pursue her art has been a transformative experience. She encourages other entrepreneurs to follow suit. “I think success comes from being confident in what you do and who you are.”

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we collaborated with Dominican musician and multimedia artist Fanesha Fabre to feature entrepreneurs in our Portrait of a Small Business series. She created vibrant, inspiring works. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on what motivated her.

What happens when you join a community of like-minded marketing experts? We chatted with pro partner on the leads she's gotten and the friends she's made since joining Mailchimp & Co. ⬇️

We also want to hear from you! Reply and tag your favorite Latinx and Hispanic-owned SMBs, so you and others can continue to support them beyond Hispanic Heritage Month.

Fanesha, who collaborated with Bianca on projects in the past, says that Bianca’s joy in connecting and advocating for a full spectrum of Afro Latinas inspired her portrait for this series.

Though Bianca says she walked into her entrepreneurship journey accidentally, she’s built something her family and community can be proud of. “Being a Black Latina, building a legacy for my family to come and just something that I can look back on was really important to me.”

“We're representing a community of Latina women in particular who have just never felt seen, never felt heard or represented or if they were, it was in really small moments,” Bianca says.