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Jessica William

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See, we thought WWIII was going to look like conventional warfare. The rapid speed of technology, that made WWI and WW2 unprecedented in their scope at their times, caught us and we have a new paradigm of global battle against science and democracy. 1/2

Fact v Myth! FACT: LAUSD doesn’t get paid for each vaccinated person. The district makes vaccines available because schools are community hubs and we want safe and collaborative learning environments for all. 💉

Schiff calls out Merrick Garland for not investigating Trump’s known crimes, most particularly obstructing Mueller’s investigation, which I believe is as close as we’ve come to high-level confirmation that Garland has willfully placed Trump above the law.

Means test the billionaires. They’ve got means and we’ve got needs. Tax the rich.

Neoclassical economics is a hell of a drug. It has no theory of prices, no account of inflation, and its models all presume the existence of a perfectly rational "homo economicus" who is a "utility maximizer" with perfect information. 1/

Every single Democratic political race that we made a video for won in 2020. Every. Single. One. So when I tell you that we're on track to get crushed in the 2022 mid-terms you should really listen to me. And know Joe Manchin will be a big reason why.

Cloture has officially been filed on the Freedom to Vote Act and it will be brought to the Senate floor on Wednesday.   I’m urging every single one of my colleagues to support protecting the integrity of our democracy by voting to advance this critical bill.

"Trauma" has become uselessly vague—a swirl of psychiatric diagnoses, folk wisdom, and popular misconceptions, writes .

BREAKING: Senate defense appropriations bill is out giving the Pentagon more than $10 billion than requested, $725.8 billion

To my vaccine hesitant friends, Colin Powell dying of Covid despite being fully vaccinated does NOT validate any anti-vax theory. People can STILL die from Covid if they’re vaccinated. The vaccines are more than 90% effective so yes, there are still people who sadly will die...

Inside you are two wolves. One has Generalized Anxiety Disorder and the other has Adult ADHD. The one who wins is oh wait I’m just receiving word that they’re teaming up. They’re a team now. So that’s happening.

. Deal Could Be Rejected by Members: ‘Our Leadership Let Us Down’ via

Cults indoctrinate their victims into behavior that makes them as horrifying to “normies” as possible. This is by design. You are supposed to hate them and to shun them. You are supposed to think something is wrong with them. Something is wrong with them. They’re in a cult. 🧵

mark my words: this whole $600 reporting scuttlebutt has given republicans a winning narrative for 2022 and 2024.

the subreddit has grown by over 100k people in the last month alone almost like people are getting fed up with capitalism or something 🤔🤔

Trump remains the most dangerous, uncharged criminal in our country & it isn't even close. Shame on Garland, if charges are not soon filed. cc:

RT if you believe vote by mail should be available to all voters no matter what state they live in.

The “brilliance” of Steve Bannon is that he has convinced tens of millions of people to believe that destroying democracy is a noble/patriotic objective as long as it occurs while chanting “America First”. In the past,...1/

I think it’s interesting that none of these discussions about labor shortages include the fact that 724,000 Americans have died of covid and 44.9 million Americans have gotten COVID. Isn’t it fair to assume that some of these Covid suffers have had residual symptoms?

The problem isn’t that people are lazy. It’s that exploitation has reached a point of absurdity and cruelty. Pay your employees. Treat them with respect. If you can’t afford that then you can’t afford a business.

This is horrible! Did she have a lawyer? can this be appealed?