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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

The most.powerful Facebook post I've ever made

like why go for someone's weight when there is a huge list of bullshit you can actually criticise them for 😭 just shows ur fucking priorities LMAO

thinking abt when jen dent blocked me bc i said being fatphobic and a nurse was concerning and then she subtweeted about me

dear god please i cannot do another covid spike

Spoke to my dad :)

二重くっきり、コトちゃん 2021.10.14

Not 2 be gay but I rly love my besties

if you're able bodied and you're following the bones, no bones. I beg you to learn to translate this to spoon theory for chronically ill folks. we very literally wake up with bones or no bones and don't have a choice to work through a no bones day 😅

For the nature obsessed 🪴🌸

I covered her flat number btw

ya it was a cold ?? if u don't have a cold for 2 yrs it's gonna hit you like a truck

ok locals/mates £10 bc that covers the depop and postage fees, international higher shipping, everyone else £15 in pnp

also mates rates probably apply but not much bc girlboss gotta make money

i'm thinking £15 including p&p for the UK? and then anyone who's local can get it for cheaper because i can hand deliver?

what do i charge for my hats i don't even know

me and my twitter mutuals

salem i'm watching quiz shows i will do my best to not shout