Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

We💚our🐸frogs and want more of them in the club! We're making it a bit easier for everyone to join with an entire week with 0% royalties! After the week on October 25th royalties will be cut 50% from the original percentage! Welcome all new🐸's to the lonely frog lambo club!

I think is super dope and at an affordable price. anyone should be able to get one or two.

I’ve decided to do a giveaway! I will be giving away #5535 to a random person who likes, retweets, and follows. Also tag someone who’s new to NFTs. For the memes. For the culture. LFG WAGMI. ❤️ !ribbit

Just picked up another NFT! These frogs are the best PFP on Twitter. Where my froggies at? !ribbit 🐸 I follow back all frogs! 🤙🏼

There should be a new rule that any time you want to post a meme You have to buy a close to the floor, use it, then relist it for 69x higher

Giving away a (floor at 0.02 at time of tweet). All you need to do is: - Follow, like & retweet - Reply with your adi Winner announced in 24hrs, I will post video capture of the draw and tag winner in the replies.

🐸 🐸Happy Sunday to all my frog friends out there. Seeing a bunch of us out on Twitter lately‼️

Was able to break out Tony Frogano from OS floor prison! Thank you for whoever is selling these so cheap right now.. our !Ribit family appreciates you 🐸

Where’s my crew at? RIBBIT!

Everyone should hold at least one for the vibe, the meme and the art behind it! It’s 100% part of the NFT culture! There are no royalties atm so just go and get one for your collection! They won’t stay at 0.02 ETH forever! !ribbit 🐸🐸🐸

gm everyone 👽🤝 I hope you all have the best weekend ever !ribbit 🚀

LFLC was the first nft I followed from release to peak and back down to misery so I figured what better project to use for my first pfp. Found this guy and he just spoke yo me. Y’all still doing that frogs follow frogs thing?

7) 3 This is where my degen comes in, I had some good weed one night, opened up twitter and my feed was littered with pictures of frogs....making me laugh, memes making me laugh , they made my normie wife and mother laugh, nft is culture / memes are culture

I'm still peppeeeee, ribit ! where's my fam ! How can people still sleep on this genious art 😂