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Jessica William

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A mass media committed to presenting both sides of every issue makes things worse. "I can't support a world in which lies are given the same dignity as the truth"

The embassy and consular websites contradict each other. They don't pick up their phones. Their emails replies are auto text. I can't find the answers. Have you?

Traveling to Israel - have you solved the mystery? Can a USA-Israeli dual who's living in USA, travel without apply for permit & get in? Or do they need to be visiting a 1st degree relative? What about their daughter who's USA only citizen traveling with them? con't

Dear colleagues, in the spirit of the times, "The War of Return" text has now been translated into Arabic. We are looking for a few readers in Arabic who would like to read the text and give us their reviews and impressions. We would also welcome advice as to publication avenues.

If Donald Trump tells his base not to vote, implicit in that statement is an order to take power back using violence instead. Insurrections don’t happen with votes. So he’s not just being dismissively dumb. And never forget, he speaks and crimes in code.

This is why I don't want to get covid. It's not a worry about death (though I could skip dying by myself gasping for air for days/weeks.) But long haul and future issues are worrisome.

Making up stories as part of war to destroy others is sick. Anywhere in Israel you can see those wearing hijabs walking around freely and easily. There is no Jew only road. But don't walk through PA areas with a kippah.

Context: 1. Israel is the only nation treated as a standing item on the UNHRC agenda. 2. They held the debate on Shabbat evening, when Israel couldn't join if it wanted. 3. For three hours, tyrants vilified Israel. 4. When I spoke—about UNRWA antisemitism—they cut me off.

“URGENT: Yemen rebel authorities should drop death sentences against 4 journalists & release them! & govts should press Houthi leaders to release all journalists. “by

They voted for MORE war. Good defense systems stopped need to respond in order to stop the war from Hamas.

9 people who voted against self-defense and LESS war.

Anyone having Google problems? My dad's open chrome tabs disappeared. Now his gmail all disappeared. Even sent emails. Over last few days. Not seeing any info on current problems. He didn't do a backup. What in the world?

a student from my university has been missing for over 3 weeks. please share if you can ❤️

So it's not just antisemitism from The New York times.

Does anyone know how I can complain about an article in Haaretz? Which group can help?

I don’t care for it when people refer to Native Americans as “The Original Americans” or “The First Americans” because we ought to be the only people properly called “Americans,” not the first in a long line of many people now equally called that. It erases being the Indigenous.

30 Muslim volunteers took it upon themselves to take over all ambulance shifts in Jerusalem for United Hatzalah over Yom Kippur. They treated upwards of 50 people over the course of the day. Kol Hakavod!