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Jessica William

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No mask? Stay home. “ … a public accommodation may exclude an individual with a disability from participation in an activity, if that individual’s participation would result in a direct threat to the health or safety of others.” (III-3.8000 Direct threat-

The strikes again! This is going to be amazing. 👇🏼

I thought was looking into police misconduct? File keeps getting thicker.

Maybe you can do your thing to ID these officers harassing a masked passenger who asked them to comply w/ mask mandate.

Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson: "For folks watching at home this evening, I want you to think about something: What would happen to you if you did what Mr. Bannon is doing?"

Late last night Texas legislature passed extreme gerrymandered US House maps Whites 40% population but control 60% districts Latinos 39% of population but control 18% districts Blacks 12% of population but control 0% districts Asians 5% of population but control 0% districts

Every right we have flows from the foundational right to vote.

Once again, Trump tap dances on a Veteran's grave. Anyone who thinks the current GOP honors Military & Vets isn't paying attention. They honor us as long as they can exploit us for political points. If we don't fall in line with them, we become targets for their hatred.

This dude has worked for 30 years and he says he is walking away without medical, dental or pension? He didn't just opt to retire?

That's what happens when your sister does your homework and you don't even read it over.

BREAKING: The Supreme Court refuses to intervene and block COVID-19 vaccine mandates for Maine health workers. RT IF YOU SUPPORT VACCINE MANDATES!

., executive editor of , says dying of (or anything else) is "a good thing," and that basic public health measures are sinful. Drink the Flavor Aid, children. DRINK IT. Or we'll pour it down your throats.

A woman was sexually assaulted on a Philadelphia train. The passengers did NOTHING. My response:

Lol. This trooper retired, he wasn’t fired.

West Virginia Ranks 1st in the nation in opioid use 1st in the nation in deaths per capita 2nd in poverty 2nd in obesity 45th in education 47 in vaccination And dead last in Infrastructure That’s how likes it.

TONIGHT! answers the NUMBER ONE question on 's mind, can you guess what it is?

Remember the Rattlesnake bite story I did Monday? Guy just sent me this pic of his bill. Uhhhhhhh.....