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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

So little trust said the blind wolf to the rabbit. Must trust more. Otherwise how will you meet friends. Help me to my den. It's just there by the spring. I'm blind you see. We'll rest. As it's warm inside Trust me. I'm not a rabbit said the bear and you're sniffing my foot.

Friends! Baby Dog came to our Family at the beginning of lockdown last year so he got used to everyone being at Home. Now, when anyone goes out, he gets upset. Mum relies on me to look after him when that happens. I hold his Paw for comfort ❤️

Lol Thx D for the reminder that my super power is sh*t stirrer extraordinaire. I seldom watch myself in anything. Just makes my soul itch. But this made me laugh out loud over my coffee and declare to no one else in the room, "I'm hilarious."

Not sure what to say sometimes. It's a suffering. There is so much to say. Who we are is something to give. The want of this kind of connection. Kindred. A constant reach is so very important. It's a suffering. Here yet, frozen, caught. Stranded. Not sure what to say.

I bow down to all the frontline workers. As so much time has passed while they stand fast. To all the health organizations that tirelessly give what's needed during this pandemic. We must always recognize their struggle to do what's right as they are constantly facing adversity.

I was moving with impigrity with todays , a perfectly seasoned, furcate piece of American Beech. Its desquamated bark, peppered with fungi and steeped in forest marinade was a saporific delight

Remember when RBG died and everyone said we were hysterical thinking that Republicans would overturn Roe?

I’m so cute that it can overshadow how dashingly handsome I am. And that will not stand. Handsome stare activated.

What ever happened to Matt Gaetz's investigation?

A priest, a minister and a rabbit walk into the bar. The rabbit says, "I think I might be a typo."

This morning I noticed my neighbor was talking to her cat. It was obvious the poor woman thought her cat understood her. When I got home I told my dog about it. We laughed so much!

Virtually all of the COVID deaths and hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people. Get your shot.

The goodness of people will always be measured by the love they show to cats they’ve never met. We feel it. And we thank you for it.

Pondering a move. Yes, that spot near the window. No, I think I'll stay. Oh, the dog is passing through. He really doesn't know I'm here. They forget to use their noses. Silly preoccupied mutt. I could give him a swat. We cats can be under appreciated. Our reputations precede us.

I think it's a myth that fish have three-second memories. But if it's true, maybe they're always setting out on a new trip.

Will there be any when the bigger ones are done. Will we be left hovering in the scent of what's gone. It's like this always. As barrels roll. If the rice bag is thrown over me to one other will there be another. Or will we only get what is pressed below our feet. As hearts sting

Night night sweet dreamies Don't think about how long it will take to heal or recover Please just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Recovery is not about figuring anything out; it's about having the will to take another step toward love.

Todays is a brobdingnagian piece of Copper Beech. A fine operiment of fungi adds a decorative as well as flavorful flourish. Kexy and toothsome, this piece was a saporific delight