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Jessica William

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Repubs cry for their “freedoms”. Like to carry guns & from 😷, but let’s be real. With freedom comes responsibility, like gun laws & getting vaccinated, which they don’t want. So it’s not FREEDOM they’re after. It’s PRIVILEGE.

There’s nothing better than President Biden throwing some Fox News shade.

Goodnight, moon 🌙

According to the Child Tax Credits this year meant 3.3M households with kids had enough to eat. Republicans want that eliminated from the new budget.

in 2006, The Senate passed a voting rights bill 98-0 and George W. Bush signed it into law. In 2021, Republicans won't even debate on voting rights. The Republican Party has been taken over by fascists and they've gotten to every single GOP Senator.

This garbage criminal’s husband shows his junk to minors, we are SO fvcking done here!

Climate scientist, Joeri Rogelj, (Imperial College) said recent studies show if we bring down CO2 to net zero, the warming effect of Earth will level off. The climate would then stabilize within a decade or two. We can still save Earth!

. infuses her with hard truth. “If we can’t come together to even begin DEBATE on a bill that would defend Americans’ most fundamental right to vote, it’s clear we need to restore the Senate to a body that actually works for the people.”

If you’re a part of the 70% of Americans who support voting rights, you need to call your Senators and demand they end the filibuster and protect our Constitutional right to vote! The time to write them has passed. Call them now! 202-224-3121

Without the right to vote, we will lose everything. To secure our right to vote, we must first end the filibuster. There is nothing more important than taking these first steps in Congress.

Glen Youngkin pretends to be a moderate Republican when needed, but he is really a die-hard MAGA. Steve Bannon rallies for him by pledging allegiance to the flag from Jan.6th!!! Virginia, do you want these people in your state? Vote for !

We will not move on or forget until there is accountability for the events of January 06. Thank you Officer Fanone for continuing to speak out. 🎥

Growth of Sen Kyrsten Sinema’s apparent power does not come without a price. 🔹Her present behavior is costing the livelihood of millions of Democratic voters. 🔹However, the lost of support from the left in Arizona, may be a thorn in her side ⬇️

202 Republicans chose to support fascism today by attempting to cover-up the terrorist attack on January 6th.

Chris believes in improving public education opportunities in every community Chris Jones

MAGA GOP Rep. Biggs asks DOJ Merrick Garland if he’s looking into prosecuting Dr. Fauci.🤡 Ah, but of course Fox News covers the absolute garbage of MAGA trying to turn 1/6 into what aboutism of Fauci. Stop listening to "doctor" Rand Paul. Be more like his neighbor!

Who’s surprised? Are you surprised? I’m not surprised.

This video of Michael Fanone ..I hope people get the same reaction I got when I watched him. Trumpers beat him with a “Blue Lives Matter” flag on Jan 6th.

JUST IN: The next person subpoenaed by the January 6th committee could be Jim Jordan.

I’ve no clue what this tweet is about but ‘perpetual worm shits’ sounds as if the game thingy made you very happy?