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Jessica William

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Today is the actual publication date fro Julia's House Goes Home. I'm very proud of this book and, if you read it, I very much hope you like it. I also kind of let this day get away from me a little bit.

Reminder: my original art for EL TOPO, MAGNOLIA, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON, and THE CONVERSATION are on Ebay! Auctions close this Sunday.

Here is my upcoming con schedule and pricing for sketch preorders. Message me or contact me at my website to order! Hope to see folks at the show! Mighty Con Milwaukee Nov 13 Order cut off date Nov 6 C2E2 Dec 10-12 Order cut off Dec 1

Hey! Support an online creator today! It’s tough out there.

For the evening crowd: Day #15: Statler and Waldorf in Michael Lindsay-Hogg's WAITING FOR GODOT. Mixed media on 8.5 X 11" bristol board.

This year her sister laughed at her and said, "Your head is the leaf!"

Due to circumstances involving our other cat, we need to rehome our 6 year old black kitty. She really needs to be in a home where she is the only pet. Anyone in Madison area looking for a pet?

I’ve been sitting with this piece, intellectually and emotionally, for some time now. I didn’t realize I was grieving over what has happened to 's body of work. It's been difficult to find words, but here are a few. My latest . 1/2

FYI it's been illegal for employers to forbid workers from discussing their pay for the last 86 years (since the National Labor Relations Act of 1935). If your employer tells you this they are directly breaking labor law.

I can probably take a couple more c0mmissi0ns at NYCC if you come by soon!

Reminder: tomorrow's the LAST DAY to bid on my original art for ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD, THE TRIAL and THE GOLEM!

Me to son after he showed me how to add favorites to TikTok. "Thanks!" Son: "No problem. If I ever need help with *snort* Microsoft Word, I'll let you know." *Walks away laughing.* OKAY, FIRST OF ALL, I USE SCRIVENER

Finally listed Indy on my Etsy Store. You can buy from me directly if you'd prefer and International buyers can contact me for postage costs.

We're kicking off the only way we know how...with a ! Just follow us on Twitter, then like and retweet this post for the chance to win some incredible new and upcoming books—follow the thread to see which ones 📚

GIVEAWAY ALERT : Spanking new, signed copy (with extra scribbles) of 's A Mouse Called Miika (published today). Please RT and be following to win. Ends midnight Sunday 10th October.

For people asking about my pieces, they will all be for sale at the end of the month. My Patreon supporters get first crack at them, then the general public. Just sayin’.

GIVEAWAY! Win a signed copy of YOU CAN! Simply RT and follow to enter. Winner, next Thurs. "Truly groundbreaking" "Every class needs a copy" Out now in all the best bookshops!

Happy Book Birthday to , , A Mouse Called Miika is published today... Watch out for my giveaway later...

As an update, books are still working.

I wrote a book about today.