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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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➡️ We are in beginning stages of facism. Rogue governments all over country, suppressing constitutional rights-voting, free speech, assembly, equality, justice. Militarized police state, armed & kiLLing. No accountibility for officials betraying their oath & office. 🆘

Vetting? 🌊💙🌊 Sunday p.m. I posted over 4 dozen trolls, bots, etc. Please look and ☑️ We need to be very careful here! It's a great way to care for each other.

The IG can start with Trump's agreement with the Taliban and the release of prisoners one of which was photographed with M. Pompeo. If the investigation does not start there then it will be incomplete and an IG joke.

Save democracy to save the climate. That’s it, that’s the platform.

I don’t just want to win this election. I want to win by such wide margins that it’s a crushing blow to the Republican party, and it puts the lights out on any hopes they had of re-emerging into power in 2022. Think we can do that, VA?

If you are a resister, please check a list of RTs I posted. There are lots‼️ Many of you follow these bots & trolls & 2 tweet wonders!! Please, check it out 🌊💙🌊 Vetting is vaxing for resisters.

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Standardbot following/followed by Resisters. How does it not bother you that she followed 1.8K inless than a month? Think she vetted any of 'em??? Bots and magats in there. Nope.

Info I received from a vetter who went deeper: [] "is a scammer that uses same photo on dating sites and other apps. Photo is of TONY BAROUD, a Lebanese MTV celebrity." TY, Kris!

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