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Jessica William

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Since “Melania” is trending, let’s have a look at some First Ladies we actually admire. ✨♥️✨

BREAKING: Reknowned professional idiot and national embarrassment Sarah Pali. Says she is not vaccinated I don't know about you but I really don't care about that but Delta just might 🤷‍♂️

In 2020, MAGA Alabama reported 64,714 total deaths & 57,641 births. 25 US states had more deaths than births in '20, compared to only 5 states w/ more deaths than births in 2019. That didn't happen during either World War or the 1918 pandemic.

Donald Trump Jr. & Mike Lindell are both trending, so I'm assuming there was a massive cocaine bust that I'm unaware of.

I know. It’s awful people like Donald Trump get away with raping dozens & dozens. Ah right, you didn’t talk about him. Just Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky, a woman who was a willing participant. 🙄

Most likely many of them are hospitalized with COVID19 and unable to attend. So where were all of the Senators and Representatives who were were riling up the insurrectionist on January 6? Are they abandoning TFGs base?

Let this be a reminder to the Repbulicans that no one wants to support the big lie! That ship has sailed. Along with Trump. If they want to save their political career they got to do better than Marge, Pence, Cawthorn and Cruz!

More often than not, people confuse the fuck out of me. Am I alone?

Dear FBI,.. I sincerely hope you used drones and other recording devices to capture the faces of each and every insurrectionist on show today! Please be reminded that many of these domestic terrorists are already on the wanted list!

A fly on the wall told me Pence is running for President in 2024. 😂😂

If you find yourself agreeing with Sarah Palin, Mike Lindell, Donald Trump Jr. or any other Q quack, you are not only a loser, you’ve lost your ever loving mind.

Senate Republicans are the American Taliban on steroids!

Johnson and Senate Republicans like him don't care how many people die from COVID as long as they can keep making millions. Vote this despicable creep out of office.

If America defaults on its debt, it will trigger a global financial collapse. Senate Republicans are vowing to do just that. No terrorist in history has ever held the world hostage like the GOP.

Do you like your retirement savings, your 401K? Well Senate Republicans want to vote to have the US default on debt causing the economy to crash. Pretty asshole thing to do to own the Libs.

Senate Republicans continue to vote NO on anything that will help Americans. In 2022, Americans will vote NO on Senate Republicans.

The Freedom to Vote Act will make sure all registered voters can cast their ballots in the way that works best for them, regardless of what zip code they live in. The GOP is trying to make it difficult to vote, with "election integrity" that isn't needed.

Hey and the Kindly keep your old, white hands out of my healthcare! 🖕🖕

Margie Green has severe penis envy. Hers is too short.