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Jessica William

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is also set for a five-episode arc, and Coates is always a value-add to any cast” Great read breaking down the fantastic S1 now available in US on ..and Kim as Bill Misiano is the value add that keeps giving!

Oh! It’s bout to get LEVELed up on & LezzGOoo!! 🔥🔥🔥👑☠️👑

Down here at and look what I found! Remember the Pegasus car is on display here at until October 8th 🚁🚁. This car is polished up and looking as beautiful as ever!

👀 SPOTTED! 👀 The Pegasus car has LANDED! If you are in the Saskatoon Airport, stop and check out this beauty before she departs on October 8th!

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that ‘It’s a TV Show’ 😂 You guys at the start of this clip… I can’t 😆 Check out the new Or if you’re on 👇🏼

Eva Longoria, Alyssa Milano, More Call On Leaders To End Covid-19 Pandemic – Deadline

Carrie … you continue to amaze me with your constant positive view of life and following me on the side and sharing my attempts to continue to try and help save this planet any little / big way I can. Peace… Coates xo.

“…70 boldfaced names signed a letter organized by nonprofit & its global advocate Iman to urge world leaders to step up global vaccination efforts” among letter signers urging world leaders to help end Pandemic:

Happy & are sure Meghan & Diana are taking off 😂 We learned how Hollywood simulates sweat & that Juice ain’t in charge of much, but when it’s the Rag Tag Crew, he’s in the lead. Watch on today Listen anywhere Wednesday

Just too Fresh for OUR upcoming October drop! LezzGOoo ! Keep y’all posted. 👑🔥👑💎👑

Happy rewatch & live tweet day! We’ve been doing this for a very long time now so you all know the drill… meet me here at 10 PM EST 😉🎉

Don’t know where I actually AM at the moment my beauties n’s all good but damn this past 4 months has been a ride. Small hiatus before grand Fucking finale of filming White House Plumbers .. how my boy and I can actually FIND each other on our pods is 🥃x

Ha let’s try this again… We have a new ! Thanks for fixing the clip for us 🙌🏼 ‘What are you doing?’ Or if you’re on :

As pointed out, you really gotta ask yourself “What are you doing?” If Tig acts surprised to something you’re saying or doing 😆

Wow…it was 3 years ago yesterday when you shared your suited-up snap as you attended the 2018 as ‘GODLESS’ had received TWELVE 2018 Emmy nominations👏🏻 Wished to say BRAVO again & always Kim, on this EPIC series & your INCREDIBLE performance as Ed Logan!

🗺 Road Show Tour CONTINUES! 🗺▫️TODAY, Sept 17th- North Battleford Valley Ford ▫️Saturday, Sept 18th- Country Ford We will be holding these events in accordance with the latest COVID regulations.

Finished S1 on last nite & can’t recommend ENOUGH!👏🏻 Bill Misiano has a PERMANENT place in my heart ..he’s mobster magnificence & you’re PERFECTION! And oh that scene with with the gliders, lighters, sexist’s EVERYTHING!

Wow …every peek at the Mustang sure brings the serious goosebumps and then some…and no doubt more & more are to come on the road ahead for this -bound beauty benefitting ! 🚁

May have had to miss the new episode due to island internet but I just couldn't miss drawing the weeks special episode. Can't wait to be able to watch and listen to all the shenanigans from ❤️