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Jessica William

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I heard most white people are oblivious to the struggles of people of color. It's true for most, some of us paid attention growing up. I saw, heard and felt embarrassed at times. Thank God my parents taught me better. I pray for all people.

How bout this when the knuckleheads have a rally to honor the 1/6 rioters. We should rally to have dumbass Trump put in prison. Can't believe he's still a free man. IT WON'T BE LONG🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Show me an anti-vaxer. I'll show you someone who cuts in line, parks in the handicapped spot, won't return the cart, and lets the dog shit on the neighbor's lawn. This is not about Covid or vaccines. No one will ever convince the morally bankrupt to "do the right thing."

Is Manchin on big oil companies payroll?? If not he should be ,OH it's campaign donations got it. West Virginia democrats need rid of Manchin. Let him show his true republican color's. He's doesn't help he hinders the Democratic party

Is Amy Coney Island really a true trumpster or what ???? Id say so and the Gop wants to say anything about loading the Supreme Court. HAHAHA!

This world is full of many more loving good people. It's now time for all us to say, NO! To people like dumbass Trump and so the rest of the GOP who cling to his coat tail. America the swamp is the GOP along with money loving Manchin

Dems need to end filibuster, pass voting and abortion laws, and expand Supreme Court. Otherwise idiocracy may take us down very dark path in 2022. Dems will be blamed for failure to end Covid and lose, even though it’s Republican anti-Vaxers fault. Democracy will be dismantled.

9/11 was the greatest tragedy in recent history. Until a setting president lead an insurrection to overthrow our democracy. I can't believe that bastard Trump isn't already in jail. C'mon are justice system has too work

The thing that needs happen to the Trump klan. Is hit m where it hurts. If your paying those bastards stop. They deserve nothing. They've never given so they don't deserve the sweat off a working person's butt

and never forget this asshole.

I'm your average guy who is now retired. I pay attention to our nation and the struggles. Please America let's all stand as Americans and beat covid. 100% is what it takes. No room for the GOP to stand in our way

This the eve of attack on the twin towers. I pray for us this won't happen again. That's why when the GOP started the Trump philosophy. I knew it was wrong America can't stand alone. We need our neighbors. Peace be with our world

Joe Biden with mandates is trying to do his job protecting our nation. All I can say Idiot's get the shot we can do this together. The holdouts are making it hard. Why! To support dumbass Trump

Just think people what a mess we'd be in if dumbass Trump had been reelected. Trump is 100% pure dumbass

We back baby awesome job on the national anthem. It's TIME FOR FOOTBALL. GOD BLESS OUR NATION. KEEP THE PLAYERS SAFE FROM INJURY

No doubt about it Tom Brady GOAT. Be amazed cowboys you get to be on the same field. TAMPA BAY ALL THE WAY

It's about time the Biden administration started standing up to the idiot Governor'. In yee haa states that are all red states. I know there's alot of good people in these states. Being mislead by dumbass Trump supporters

Like I said. Tax the churches. Tax the rich. Imagine what a country we’d have. Healthy citizens, educated citizens, happy citizens. Imagine. 🗳🧢💙✌️🤜🏻

I've got an idea Trump is being called TOG, TFG,I say Instead of President Trump. Let's all on social media use Dumbass Trump. I think it would burn his ass up. Especially if it's all over social media

Everyone's asking what went wrong in Afghanistan. Trump negotiating with the Taliban. Then setting a a clear date. Another idiot move from Dumbass Trump