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Florida, and all our Republican representatives are included in this. Americans all elected officials that took part in this domestic terrorism are listed in this video. Watch, remember, share.

You thought Trump was bad? Meet Ron !!! 🎥 Sound up🔊🔊

💔 "The greatest THREAT to freedom is being PARALYZED in a drug induced COMA on a ventilator in ICU!" ~ Dr. Jonathan Reiner  Please watch, it could SAVE your life! From

I felt awful this morning. Shakes, fever, headache. Couple hours later, gone. Feeling better, much better. Weirdest thing.

The new Michael Wolff book says Steve Bannon was terrified of the information Jeffrey Epstein could release about Trump and called Epstein directly to discuss his fears. What could he have possibly been afraid of becoming public?

I have held my tongue on Joe Manchin as I don’t like bashing Democrats. But I’ve had it. We do NOT need to cut the move to cleaner energy from Biden’s agenda because Joe Manchin gets rich off of coal! Ffs...Change must happen!

Seems like the FBI/Director Comey never STOPPED talking about his investigation of Hillary Clinton for her emails, & it did serious damage to her candidacy. Trump is not a candidate at the moment yet we hear NOTHING about him being investigated for actual crimes he committed.

Let’s be clear: Trump should absolutely be indicted in GA for his election crimes & in NY for his financial crimes. But he violated the laws of the United States & victimized the American people. Trump is a federal problem & requires a federal solution = a federal indictment.

I'm pretty much done with moderates. We've a moderate Attorney General for example. Just give me someone that matches the times we're in. We've got Domestic Terrorists attacking our government for gods sake.

I keep seeing that Trump will be back in the Whitehouse by Thanksgiving. Let me make this abundantly clear. Unless there's a jail cell in the basement of the Whitehouse, he's not getting anywhere near it.

how much profit from your coal co & Exxon does it take for you to block efforts to control the devastation from climate warming? How many people do you think should die to protect your profits? Would it matter if you were forced to meet the people that will die?

With Joe Manchin killing climate portion of the build back better plan. With Joe Manchin killing voters rights bills. We have so many opportunities at our fingertips. The ability to make critical changes for the betterment of all Americans. Joe Manchin says, hold my beer.

Joe Manchin opposes key parts of the climate agenda. Like wind farms off our coasts. This will effectively kill the climate programs in the build back better proposal. So much for climate. We're fucked.

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. A highly gaseous planet that spins clockwise (all the rest of the planets spin counter clockwise) Everything thing suddenly makes sense.

I would have to ask Melania or Ivanka 1st. They definitely know.

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