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Jessica William

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I really really think we are not giving kids enough credit for their resiliency during this incredible period of adult stupidity

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Donald Trump thought his Monday was bad, but his Tuesday is even worse. I can’t wait for Wednesday.

Why are they voting so late today on the Bannon arrest?

On the contrary, I think that Travis Tritt shows should be *exclusively* for the unvaccinated

Excited to share what I’ve been working on: Today we launch White Flag with Joe Walsh, focused on forging common ground across the divide. First 2 eps include , . Hope you’ll join me on this journey. Take a listen, leave 5 stars! 🙏🏻

Give me the lowdown on Oleg Deripaska

. is an expert at gaslighting. All Republicans are

It’s so Meghan McCain to claim she was a victim of a toxic work environment on . She was the toxic work environment.

My insurance paid $2000, I paid the other $4500. Hearing aids are expensive and many people need them

Remember — a half-full glass is much better than no glass at all.

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People are attacking Maxine Waters for paying her daughter 81k out of her campaign, but those same people dismiss Jared and Ivanka Trump pulling in over $600 million during their time in the White House.

Hmm… get a free and safe vaccine, or give up a $3.2 million job? Tough call. 🙄

The CDC has found: Unvaccinated people have 6 times the risk of testing positive for COVID than vaccinated people Unvaccinated people are 11 times more like to die from COVID than vaccinated people

Help me congratulate Dr. Rachel Levine who becomes the Nation's First Transgender Four-Star Admiral in U.S History! Thank you President Biden!!

. seems like a dick

I dug into data about Amplify Energy, which owns the leaking pipeline near Orange County. It turns out their subsidiary has received $20M from taxpayers to prop up unprofitable oil wells, with $11M more on the table. Where's the help for small businesses hurt by this disaster?

I have upset many people with my empty shelf tweet and although things aren’t the same everywhere, I will stick with my “the media often does more harm than good”. Let’s hope it gets better soon. As in everything. Let’s hope everything gets better soon