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The Duchess of Cambridge is rocking her Jenny Packham dress from the Pakistan Tour 😍👑

So, out of the entire documentary, after claims and "hints", the only evidence of any principles (aka royal family) directly allowing staff to talk to journalists, is Meghan The Duchess of Sussex herself. Cheers.

Oh look. Saint Harry said the same thing. Almost. William said it was a problem the world over. Harry specified Africa. 🤔

“She’s got a really naughty sense of humour” - Prince William (about Kate)

They’ve got each other’s backs ❤️

Before you judge Prince William, go watch his entire speech at the Tusk Trust Awards from two days ago to see the entire context of his speech and stop making judgements from a news headline written to purposely create a dramatic response from the public.

HRH The Duke of Cambridge formally launches - a hub for emergency services personnel. The Duke has a genuine interest in the physical and mental wellbeing of all who serve in the NHS / 999 services, and for that we are thankful.

Supporting the mental health of our emergency services is extremely personal to me. I often think about my time working for RAF Search and Rescue and the East Anglia Air Ambulance.

Thank you Will and Chloe for sharing your experiences of working as emergency responders and the mental health impact that this can have.  Watch the full conversation:

"Survivors of sexual violence in conflict must be at the heart of our efforts to prevent such atrocities, and to bring perpetrators to justice." (1/2)

A child’s brain develops fastest in the first five years of life. Today a group of Academy Trust leaders learnt about the innovative research by bringing this to life in secondary schools, like shown on the visit today

The first five years of our lives have an extraordinary impact on the adults we become. They provide the foundations for how we respond to our biggest challenges in later life, our long-term health, wellbeing and resilience.

The Duchess of Cambridge visiting Nower Hill High School in Harrow today - she took part in a Year 8 science lesson about neuroscience and it’s importance for early childhood development. The pupils were so engaged and totally unphased by their Royal classmate!

The Duchess of Cambridge everyone 😌🔥

The Duchess of Cambridge looks radiant today 😍🔥

The Duchess of Cambridge is out today at Nower Hill High School in London 👑 She joined students for a science lesson studying neuroscience and the importance of early childhood development 🧠❤️

Saddest moment was when they came to Bradford and no one was there to greet them :(

Kate just likes to stand there in the middle of the road and speak to the invisible and imaginary folk 😊

No crowds for The Duchess of Cambridge 🥲

🚨NEW:🚨 The Royal Foundation have an upcoming Symposium around the emergency service's mental health which will Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, shall be participating in.