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Turns around there, he was good for Bouchard last season, habs solidify their line up Drouin-Dvorak-Gallagher Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield Hoffman-Toews-Anderson Byron-Brooks-Lehkonen Perrault,Paquette Romanov-Petry Fowler-Savard Edmunson-Niku Kulak

Evans becomes their 3C for cheap, Lehkonen fits in their bottom 6, Mysak has potential to be a top 9F, get Fowler from Anaheim Armia+Norlinder+Poehling+2022 1st(lottery protected) for Fowler. get a good young forward in Armia, Norlinder will be a stud, a 1st and hope Poehling

They get Mysak and a 2nd for taking Chairots contract with nothing retained, and get Lehkonen+Evans+Guhle+1st for Toews, that's fair Guhle is a 1st round stud future top 4 D, they lose Toews big contract, get a 1st, they can retain salary/flip Chairot for another 1st at deadline

They need to add a 2nd or 3rd C and a top 4 LD, if Weber can play the playoffs the need for the D is less but would still be ideal. If they could pull even something like Lehkonen+Chairot+Evans+Mysak+Guhle+1st+2nd we take on Toews at his 8.4m but give them 7.5 back, they get a

I'm playing nhl21 and should prolly go to bed but this is the moves I've pretty much made for the most part lol, that's where I got all this from but they aren't THAT unrealistic. Either way I don't think they 3ven need to make this many moves when healthy they're 1-2 pieces away

In a few years Burakovsky-Suzuki-Caufield Drouin-Dvorak-? ?-Poehling-Ylonen Tuch-Kapanen-Pinard Teasdale Romanov-Dumba Norlinder-? ?-Brooks Fairbrother Primeau ?

By the time Romanov,Caufield, Norlinder need raises Toews,Edmunson,Hoffman,and Savards contracts will be up, maybe try and move Petry+Edmunson+Anderson+Palat+Price(retain salary)before they become UFA to restock picks/prospect pool,

PP1: Drouin-Suzuki-Caufield Dumba-Norlinder PP2: Burakovsky-Dvorak-Hoffman Petry-Romanov Pk1: Toews-Palat Edmunson-Dumba Pk2: Dvorak-Lehkonen Savard/Romanov-Petry

Weber retires,trade Byron+Armia+Allen 4 picks, Perreault/Paquette walk,sign Burakovsky+Palat+Dekeyse4 Palat-Suzuki-Caufield Drouin-Dvorak-Burakovsky Hoffman-Toews-andy Lehky-Poehling-Pinard Ylonen,Brooks Romanov-Dumba Edmunson-Petry Norlinder-Savard Dekysr,Niku Price Primeau

Drouin-Suzuki-Caufield Hoffman-Dvorak-Anderson Perreault-Toews-Armia Byron-Brooks-Lehkonen Poehling,Paquettte Romanov-Dumba Edmunson-Petry Norlinder-Savard Niku if Weber is healthy for the playoffs him and Savard can rotate in and out for each other that's a deadly team.

Who they could keep or also flip at the deadline and get a good prospect and high pick for, Montreal takes on Toews 8 mill but still sheds 2m in cap, then try and move Toffoli+Kulak+Harris+2022 2nd+condiontal 2023 3rd that turns to a 2nd if Harris doesn't sign for Dumba.

if Chi keeps sucking try 2get Toews(full salary 2 get him cheaper) to chi:Gally+Guhle+Chairot+Evans+1st to MTL:Toews Ch,they can retain salary+flip Chairot 4 a 1st at deadline,they get a 1st,Guhle is a future top 4 D, Evans is a cheap solid young C to build around,Gally is Gally

Anyone know where I can get the Montreal canadiens rink jacket and pants like the ones the coaches wear to practice ???

He got the only penalty cause the players are bitches and he man handled both of them by himself

Kotkaniemi shift starts with a turnover and ends with an offensive-zone penalty for tripping. Did get in a few hits after his turnover.

I’ve known for long time.I was proud to call him my teammate! I have the utmost respect for his decision. No question Carey will come back even stronger.I wish him all the best, and I can’t wait to see him back happy and healthy!

Beaucoup d'amour pour Carey. ❀️ So much love for Carey.

The Leafs haven’t made it out of the 1st round in 17 years. Since then… Calgary made the finals Edmonton made the finals Ottawa made the finals Vancouver made the finals Montreal made the finals And people still try to call Toronto Canadas team πŸ€£πŸ˜‚