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is I am a writer at Ringside Report, thank you and I have some phenomenal pieces that I have written and I am pretty darn proud of them. Here are a few of my pieces and a link if you want to see more. I shamelessly brag when I can.

“This is what happens to people who tell the truth in Trump’s America.” - Michael Fanone

I saw this on Don Lemon and man it made me angry. These people attack the guy that protected the Capitol for stopping Trump on his voicemail while he testified. I really want to see all the phone records of Congress cause I would not be surprised if it was one of them. SHAMFULL.

It really meant a lot to me to hear those words because the Republicans have been branding them as patriots. They even had the nerve to call terrorists political prisoners. That should be the end of anyone's career but not for Republicans the party of terrorists.

Usually I would tell you how sad the day was seeing how much I cried through that hearing but instead I confess today was a good day for America. I needed to hear people call them terrorist. I needed them to say this was not tourist or BLM it was maga and white supremacist.

I love to see them scurry like little roaches. Sh1t got real when the protesters had questions for you guys. I do hope there are loud protesters everywhere they go seeing how that's the way you make them run away. They were moving like there was a bomb threat. Cars were ready.

I get frustrated when I don't hear the follow up to him saying they are going to make it about Trump. Was Trump there? Did Trump speak to the crowd? Was Trump who McCarthy called to call it off? Was their someone else McCarthy called? Didn't they storm the Capitol for Trump?

I usually have a lot to say when it comes to politics. Today however I only feel sad. What can you say that would make the capitol police feel justice was served. Nothing...the Republicans have destroyed that. That and so much more.

Can you please tell me when we had enough? This women said something bad about a kid and was made to apologize because the sponsors threatened to leave. They are siding with terrorist and life as usual. As officer Dunn said this is America. We are in a civil war. Who wins?

Laura Ingraham is a fascist bitch.

I was just thinking about when my children were young and I took them to the Doctor for their shots. The Doctor and I would distract the child while the nurse administered the shots. Marj, Matt, and McCarthy were distracting from the shot. It did not stop the shot.

Trump made us pay for a lot of his dodging of the law. We paid to protect his taxes when they sent it to the supreme court twice. I am glad they have to pay it no and the DOJ is not running interference.

My favorite tweet from yesterday. If Nancy Pelosi was in charge of the National Guard, why didn't Kevin McCarthy call her on 1/6?

Here is a question is Pelosi should have know you should have known did you bring it to her attention Mr. minority leader? Also McConnell is leader over the Senate at the time so why are you not bringing him up? The person making it partisan is you.

Awww...he has his bloomers in a twist because he and his cronies are about to be exposed. Moral of the can’t do dirt and expect not to come out smelling like shyt!!!

This was a bad day for Trump and that is why the Republicans will be doing all sorts of shenanigans to please their master. They will try to distract as much as possible but I am so happy they were not able to do it from within. So glad to hear Trump ain't happy. GOOD!!

Their freak show did not fail. All they needed were a few soundbites for tv to counter the hearing today. As long as they got on tv they served their goal. Us talking about it is what they wanted and what they are getting. The hearing gave me hope for America.

Imagine had they left her in leadership and she was not able to be apart of, more less speak at the hearings. They gave her the freedom to speak by removing her.