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What's the difference between the wicked witch of the west and Lauren Boebert?

Hard to have kids when you can't figure out how to pay your student loans and afford a place to live.

The fight to is a fight for economic justice, generational justice, and racial justice. We can do this—if you keep raising your voices.

Any asshole governor who signs a law forbidding schools to require masks should be held criminally responsible for anyone who gets sick or dies after a covid infection at school.

This headline is from May 29th! We are halfway through July. We were told a few weeks back in April. We did not forget! Where is the memo!? 🐠

Millions of people are drowning in student debt. It’s not enough to throw them a life jacket — we’ve got to lift them out altogether. Resuming payments in the fall will only succeed in pushing them deeper underwater.

The pause on payments and interest of federal student loans expires September 30. President Biden should extend that pause now. And President Biden should to provide much-needed relief to struggling Americans.

Nobody's ready for student loan payments to resume. Not borrowers. Not the student loan companies. And certainly not our economy. We must extend the pause on payments and .

Public safety concerns as in THERE IS A PANDEMIC AND CASES ARE RISING IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Not because the two jerks wanting to talk will promote violence

Please help us share accurate information. We uphold free speech every day in Anaheim. As a city, we enjoy the same right of free speech and can note when something doesn't align with our values. To be clear: public safety concerns are why this is not still on.

MAJOR UPDATE: planned America First rally cancelled. See statement below.

You are killing people with your misinformation, but you don’t care because you are a sociopath.

Today would be a great day for President Biden and Vice President Harris to .

UPDATE: We are close to 100,000 signatures petitioning to pause student loan payments until he permanently secures a plan to . If you haven't already, add your name now!

For too many Americans, student loan debt has been an anchor weighing them down And this is a burden that falls especially hard on Black borrowers President Biden can to provide much-needed relief to struggling Americans and help close the racial wealth gap

"We are writing to urge you to extend the pause on student loan payments until your administration has delivered on the promises you made to student loan borrowers to fix the broken student loan system and ." Read the letter to :

Tackling student debt may have just gotten easier as 4 more advocates join Biden's ranks. "The new hires announced on Monday could help further 's agenda."