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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Haven't shilled my photography in a minute. Here's one of my latest pieces to drop in the 'Through a Blogger's Lense' collection -

Somebody went and read Gargamel’s old blog and the result is exactly what you’d expect - my dude is a nerd who reads a lot.

The back of the tee, though 👀

Yooo, thanks for the drop, ! Always crushing it with the quality. 🙌🏼

As you may have heard, we’ve become the target of a crazy disinformation campaign accusing us - a group of Jewish, Turkish, Pakistani, and Cuban friends - of being super-secret Nazis. 🧵

Men, check on the women in your life today and make sure they're ok.

If you have a Penis … you don’t get to make decisions about a Uterus.

Seeing some of the bayc / mayc members gatekeeping at is upsetting. You do realize the more hype around the better, right? You’re an OG still, so calm down.

We’re excited to share that we have been acquired by to build the marketplace for all digital assets. (🦄,🧞‍♂️)

I'm trying to work, but can't stop watching win $1.2 million hand-after-hand on Blackjack. Holy crap!

Do better, . Ya'll support sucks.

Damn, has gone way downhill. Just waited on both chat and phone support for over an hour, only to be told to essentially go Fuck myself. I've been a customer for well over a decade. Time to find a new hosting company.

The ETH "merge" is when 20 of us have to move into a 6 bedroom apt in August

Explored Ketchikan by canoe today. Loads more on my IG stories.

IT'S OFFICIAL! 🔥 Starting with this tweet you can earn just by LIKING or RETWEETING anything we post! Like = 0.5 VOLT ⚡️ Retweet = 0.5 VOLT ⚡️ Must hold SupDuck, KingFrog, SupDucksVX or MegaToad to Participate. Powered by

I contacted last week to see if I could return an unopened bag of my dog’s food after he died. They 1) gave me a full refund, 2) told me to donate the food to the shelter, and 3) had flowers delivered today with the gift note signed by the person I talked to?? 😭🥹

“I haven’t seen a market this choppy since 2001” - Jacob, born in 2006

Sorta glad this cruise has poor Wi-Fi. No worrying about my bags 😂 Just working the day away while drinking Aperol Spritz 👍🏼

Riding to zero. Wasn’t in it for money. Love the community and what is building.