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Jessica William

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Wearing a bra is a lot more of an inconvenience than wearing a mask is.

Well my amazing friends its time for night 5 of 5 battling the and trying to save those who hate us health care workers. See you all tomorrow.

If anyone knows anything about this please contact authorities. Woman, toddler dead after ‘suspicious’ fall at San Diego Padres’ Petco Park

This should be our leaders message to antivaxxers! We're not gonna take it Oh no, we ain't gonna take it We're not gonna take it anymore.

Vaccinated people have rights too! We also out number the !

Why is our government continually allowing 30 to 40% of our population control the country? It's like they have surrendered to the nutjobs!

Thank you to the jury who found R. Kelly guilty on racketeering and other charges. He still faces charges in Minnesota, Illinois and the city of Chicago. This should ensure this pedophile never walks out of prison again!

Apparently, doesn't know flight crews have to go by her chronological age not the age she acts!

I strongly suggest all my health care colleagues around the country not wear your scrubs or any medical Id's outside of work! including some of our former colleagues who have lost their jobs because of not being vaxxed have placed targets on our backs! Stay safe!

Got my flu shot in my arm this morning. I hope those who haven't already got theirs do so soon.

Good morning you beautiful well vaccinated people! I love you all for always being here. Thank you all very very much!

Well my friends its time for night 4 of 5 battling the to try to save some . See you tomorrow.

Once we get these current huge spending bills passed. Every department of our government needs to learn to be more fiscally responsible! They all spend money irresponsibly! We shouldn't have to keep borrowing more money to pay out debts, it's unsustainable!

We must be ready to attack the GOP like a swarm of killer bees at the ballot box in 2022!

The disaster that the and have caused our health care infrastructure won't end when the pandemic ends. There will be lasting repercussions for decades!

Let's help these great Californians flip some house seats blue in 2022! CA21 CA42 CA25 CA23

The big orange buffoon has succeeded in making Joe Biden the most victorious president in history. I hope he knows that.

I guess our great friends north of the border also have more than their share of idiots.

Has anyone been able to keep an accurate count of how many times Joe Biden actually won the 2020 election?