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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

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They need to make the grand prize on Love Island more than a 100k. It’s just not enough.

this is how i feel about bbcan

What is their grand prize?

I wanted Will and Kyra to win. I don’t believe in Olivia!👎🏾

I don’t believe in Will

how do you feel about the winner??

And they just flirt! Imagine people in Drag Race… they have to sing, dance, do comedy, act, sew and more and for the same amount…

Yeah but drag race is like the sweat shop of reality tv shows. Comparing any other show to drag race isn’t fair

Also considering you have to spilt it. The prize money sucks.

You don’t HAVE to split it. Was hoping Trina would have made the finals because she would have kept it all for herself.

They literally don’t do anything all day

You have to be in hair and makeup, film over 18 hours a day, and make out with everyone in the villa. It’s work.