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Jessica William

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Gee, I wonder if this is the new frying pan we ordered?

Takes practice but it can happen❤️❤️

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RT if you agree that every member of Congress who stoked the fire of sedition must still be removed!

Why is it that the people who tried to overthrow the government on January 6th are getting off easier than Reality Winner??

Voter registration should be automatic when you turn 18. And Election Day should be a national holiday. RT IF YOU AGREE.

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I miss the days when the media reported the news instead of creating it.

tinfoil hats of oan via

Retweet if you know vaccine mandates work.

Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, Mark Meadows and Kash Patel should all face the same consequences of incarceration that Susan McDougal did for defying subpoenas (she spent 18 months in prison.) RT IF YOU AGREE.

America was “discovered” in much the same way that the Capitol was “toured” on 1/6

Republicans in Congress don't cooperate with Congress. Weird.

Happy Indigenous People's Day! It's a good day to learn something about the Native American people in your area, and celebrate their culture.

The people screaming about vaccines changing their DNA are the ones that would benefit from an upgrade.

Would you do me a favor and comment with ? It is trending #4 in the USA and I want to see if we can send it to #1 today. Thanks 🙏