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Jessica William

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Neuter the GQP. That’s the tweet.

This is one hell of an ad from a Democrat running for Congress. The question is whether people will watch it and share it.

Name anything more boring than football. I'll wait.

Really struggling to find sympathy for sexually predatory domestic terrorists like Madison Cawthorn.

If small dick energy was a person. watchers are beta AF.

Since we’re talking about testicles,

My cousin in Fremont won't get the vaccine because his friend got it and all of a sudden he had a heart attack, developed diabetes and hypertension which forced him to stop drinking milk shakes for breakfast and eating McDonald's everyday.

It be like that sometimes. 😱

Anyone in the or market that’s currently looking to buy or sell, Amber is a force to be reckoned with! She is tenacious, kind, and committed to her clients. She helped us get the home we are purchasing and our current residence under contract in a week!

Daddy will always love Ivanka more.

Lol... "if it weren't for Gettysburg"? Then what? White people could still own black people? Hey if it weren't for waterloo we'd all be speaking French If it weren't for winter on the eastern front Hitler would've killed all of us Jews? tRump, you are a piece of human feces!

Wait until George realizes Kellyanne will now be home all fucking day and night...

Chris Christie and Ivanka are both trending so I assume it's because he ate her.

JUST THIS……………!!!!!!!

So, if women are "host bodies," what are men? Sperm hosts? Host body invaders? I'm trying to get my handmaid's vocabulary up to speed.

Original thread shows a video of a fragile white male in Georgia unprovoked and attacking an LGBTQ classmate for fun. Seems this school has a dark history of mistreatment of their non white and non conforming students. How is this school open?!

A woman can only carry one fetus to full term once per year. A man can impregnate thousands in the same year. Are they going after the right organ? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Again, UNDER THE TEXAS LAW... there is absolutely NO penalty for making a frivolous or wrong claim. You just have to file it, then the party you accuse has to answer and the court has to issue a ruling. Again, just thinking of GURIELLA LAW tactics to actually stop these people.