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Make sure to check out this new episode of the Legal AF Podcast. We talk about Trump’s losing legal battle with twitter, Trump’s losing legal battle against The NY Times, the unsealed indictment of a GOP aid who funneled Russian $$ for election and more!

We need to bring the same energy we used to defeat Trump, win two US Senate seats in Georgia and humiliate Republicans in the California recall over to Virginia to elect Terry McAuliffe. Who’s in? ✋

Legal AF LIVE! Russia’s illegal GOP donations explained, Trump’s Twitter tantrum, Mary Trump makes Donald scream “Uncle!” and much more. Watch and retweet!

Thank you ! This is the EXACT reason I do this. To empower the relatives & friends of these people with facts when these conversations inevitably come up!

‼️🎙👀 On tonight’s LegalAF LIVE recording sponsored by , cover: Russian illegal campaign donations to Trump, Trump v Twitter, Uncle Trump v Mary Trump, 1st “bounty” suits against Texas doctors, & more. Audio drops in a.m.

Breaking down Trump’s legal troubles as we speak. Come watch:

"Mary Trump makes Donald say 'UNCLE'" might be my favorite Legal AF episode title yet 😂 Ben and Popok are live right now breaking it all down:

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Biden’s child tax credit has cut child poverty by half and helps millions of Americans Guess who’s about to derail the whole thing? Joe F’ing Manchin, a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Exxon Mobile, and Big Coal

the reason why i appreciate is because everyone has that 1 relative who spews misinformation they read on Facebook like it’s gospel. these videos arm you with research & knowledge to squash that immediately and get back to dinner.

NEW: Debunking viral disinformation about California's Covid numbers! Despite cities like LA and San Francisco being the densest population centers in California, they have some of the lowest Covid rates in the state. Meanwhile, rural maga areas are super spreaders.

Having my morning Legal AF coffe and am waiting for tonight’s life episode. So excited 😎💥🤩

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