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Walker's history of threats and violence should disqualify him from ANY elected office, let alone the Senate. Only in today’s GOP, with Trump as the cult leader, could such a candidate get the backing of Trump AND (is he mad?!)

On many fronts, the mainstream media could benefit from some self-reflection. Fortunately, we have put an adult in the Oval Office; now we just need some in newsrooms.

Whether covid, Afgh withdraw, inflation, legis negotiations or poll numbers, media outlets that we expect to be responsible indulge in catastrophic speculation and premature, unwarranted certitude, damaging our capacity for ratl debate and our natl psyche

Maybe senior editors were away for the holidays. Perhaps the slow news days generated more pressure to hype the omicron story. Whatever the cause, the mainstream media must do better.

Social media is (rightly) blasted for spreading fear and misinformation. But the mainstream media is nearly as bad. The hunt for clicks and eyeballs turns them into pale imitations of social media, where loudest, scariest voices receive most attention.

The New York Times described the speech as Biden “trying to project an image of calm." Perhaps he was calm, and the panic was largely due to frenetic reporting.

i actually agree with this entirely: “This is not about one hateful statement or one politician; it is about a party that has mainstreamed bigotry and hatred.”

Retweet and raise your hand if you support removing bigot Republican Lauren Boebert from all her committees.

Wonderful profile of by in a convo with in the ! Our fate is tied with that of dissidents because “The very existence of well-functioning liberal democracies threatens dictators’ legitimacy!”

Dissidents love democracy because absence makes the heart grow fonder. Please don't take it for granted. My conversation with on 's

THIS is why we need to pass voting rights legislation. I will not give up the fight until we get it done!

Trump’s picks have not been vetted for character. After all, why should Trump apply standards of rectitude he and his rabid cult reject for himself? Playing the “Youngkin playbook” may therefore be near impossible for many Republican candidates.

Former president and persistent misogynist Donald Trump, accused by more than two dozen women of sexual predation (which he has denied), has boldly announced his 2022 picks for the Senate. Several share one distinctive characteristic.

Kevin McCarthy’s weakness on Lauren Boebert defines the GOP, writes

If they wanted something different for their party, they would demand it; if they wanted to return to a “normal” party, it would have happened long ago. They have facilitated the transformation of the GOP into a dumpster fire party.

The behavior we routinely see from Republicans and McCarthy’s toleration of the same would result in the termination of virtually any employee from any employer, public or private, other than those in the MAGA world.