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Jessica William

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Thought of the day: A female led reimagining of The Crow would be pretty awesome, Jennifer! Especially starring you in the lead! 💯

The trailer for The Wheel of Time looks great! I look forward to watching this show in November! And I know you'll be simply amazing, Jennifer! 💯

trailer is finally here! Letting sneak peeks of everything! Let’s see if Twitter bans Rosamund and me too :)

Can we talk about how fierce and incredible my Keeper is looking? Respects to one and only !

would make a fantastic Spider Woman! 🕸🕷💯

In the series finale, Vanessa assaults the Dark One in the Oval Office with daughters Violet and Jack, while Axel and Ivory protect a new government. Watch NOW ,Season 5 Episode 13 Novissima Solis. 🔮

Thank you for finding this! This was my first job ☺️

Can’t wait to see her really get into Leane 👌

And then I fell in love with those two

from your episode of ! It's a shame you died. I would've loved to seen Ronnie in more episodes! 😈💯

Touching Ivory's sword is a no no! That smile/laugh by Jack. 😂😂

Ivory & Jack's first & last kiss. For now. I hope they'll be together in the end. 🙏

I'm just here to say that I love Ivory in and would do anything for her

Spent my entire day off curled up in bed with season 5 of Van Helsing!❤️Absolutely love the dynamic between & Keeya!

I am SOBBING. That was a perfect way to end . I couldn't have asked for better. Also, Ivory spin off when?

It's time, Jennifer! I just wanted to say thank you for being such a positive force in this world & also being one of the most incredibly talented actresses to ever, EVER grace the movie industry! Damn proud of you! 💯❤