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Enough! The selfish idiocy of anti-vaxxers supported by reckless ignorance of some governors + other pols has created a threat to every child who’s ineligible for the shot. Evidence for masks is pretty damn good. Meantime let’s get everyone vaccinated!

I totally agree that highest priority is and will be getting vaccinated. But in many low income countries, the possibility of getting most people vaccinated is, in near term, a pipe dream unfortunately. At least an oral med may save many lives.

Biggest game changer for stopping pandemic is, of course, the vaccines. But we’ll soon see a new breakthrough when big pharma releases new oral medications that can effectively treat coronavirus with a prescription! Can’t come soon enough…

Steph’s still on vacay, but Jody, Chris and Travis will be here with , & ! Join us 9a-12n ET / 6a-9a PT! Listen: 127 Watch: on / Audio: on Video:

Watch my interview with from the about the Pfizer vaccine for children 5-11 as well as a pill for prevention of COVID being tested.

With average of 2K Covid deaths/day, we’ll likely reach 700K Covid fatalities by end of the weekend. And if we don’t see big uptick in vax rates or new oral meds to treat SARS, at current death rates we could hit 1 million fatalities by mid-April!

This extraordinary report reviews the timeline & impact of , an unprecedented & unpredictable disaster for NY. It also lays out a detailed blueprint for how we must develop prevention & mitigation strategies to save lives & protect vital infrastructure.

I’ll be talking about Covid booster shots with Alex Witt on MSNBC momentarily- about 2:15 ET. Hear how it breaks down; what you need to know.

Confused about booster shots? I’ll make it simple: everybody should get a booster shot. Yes, everyone, even as we wait for kids less than 12 to be eligible for first doses. Booster will help keep you from getting sick from COVID 19. Pass it on!

FDA authorizes boosters, plus we have , & . Join us 9a-12n ET / 6a-9a PT! Listen: 127 Watch: on / / Audio: on Video:

Should be fine but you must check with your personal physician…

Are coming. Probably first for people at hi risk: older, immune compromised, etc., then others. But focus now still on getting unvaxxed 1st doses. Also must prioritize countries with extremely short supply of vaccine & low, low vax rates.

Hi Susie. We so much appreciate your comments. Jason remained an extraordinary, loving young man until the day we lost him in 1999.

Enough with challenges, legal & otherwise, to mandating vaccines for ALL school staff! Failure to demand vaccines for all eligible people in school is major threat to health of kids and all of us. Testing, religious exemption NOT ok options!

Thanks, for writing this article. It has been a wild ride and continues to be.

Biden Covid speech was fantastic. The net is tightening. The more workplaces, events, schools that say “no vax, no entry”, the more vax resistors will yield to science, protecting their own health and everyone else’s, too…I hope

Are there lawyers willing and able to find legal grounds to explore civil and criminal liabilities of governors whose actions or inactions result in more Covid deaths? Just asking…

L.A. will mandate vaccines for students, plus we have , & . Join us 9a-12n ET / 6a-9a PT! Listen: 127 Watch: on / / Audio: on Video:

Join me tomorrow @ noon EST discussing climate and health rapid response after from . I will be on a panel with , , and Dr. Klaus H Jacob.