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So - how does it feel to have a rookie MP - not even one day of experience in the House yet - take over your role and write pissy, whiny letters to the PM? You must be so proud! I had hopes for your party. You and your moron new MP have dashed them.

Here you go "the hospital is in crisis" with 13 resignations out of 1400 staff & . I know you're a HUGE fan of this guy and his way of thinking. Hope you enjoy it.

of the situation you are supposed to look into. The only honorable course for - and for the morons who obviously didn't give much thought to your appointment - is to resign. "Honor" is hard to come by these days, but is valued by First Nations. So just do that, and go away.

Seeing as blocked all replies, I'll do it this way. This is way too little, way too late. You do not have the sensitivities and knowledge requisite for the position you have been appointed to. You understand NOTHING about the culture - which is the root cause

Hey This is what a GOOD documentary of Jan 6 looks like. That 2-hour piece of crap you aired was interesting enough, or informative enough to sit through. Tried twice. Couldn't do it. Watch this and get educated.

We made a $184,854 TV buy with this ad on Fox News this week. Fox News just denied airing our ad. Retweet and get it out in every corner of the country.

We’re letting know how we feel about his decision to obstruct the January 6th commission. We need 1000 of you to reply to this tweet with . 🏴‍☠️

Don't show this to anti-Science, anti-fact, anti common sense . He's still running his mouth about his belief there's no evidence the vaccine does any good. What a loser.

Hey - maybe you should follow some REAL news organizations so you can get stuff out to the public on time. And accurately. What am I saying, you like idiot Conrad Black spouting off in your paper so you don't CARE about truth, timeliness or accuracy. My mistake.

Congress have standards AT LEAST as high as McDonalds, or Sony, or IBM or Ford?

Although - ie & have been lying to blame & for increased overdose BC deaths, apparently it's happening everywhere. So either they owe Dix & an apology, or BC NDP are to blame for those ones, too.

Retweet if you think Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should resign immediately.

I nominate this Tweet for winner of the "DUH" Awards for 2021. Mind you, I can't verify it came from a human account, so maybe that has to be checked out.

Lindsey Graham may be an opportunistic, scum-sucking lackey, but he called it, four years ago.

Thank God Christmas is only four months a year. This guy is about as smart as Griswold, too - and likely just as well regarded by his neighbors. You bozos at CBC giving this any attention at all just makes people congregate there and encourages like-minded bozos to copy it.

Hey Take a listen. THIS is how it's done. It is NOT HOSTILE, it is politely DIRECT. When you allow a guest to deflect & state incorrect facts, you are COMPLICIT in public misinformation

Don't want to appear to contradict - but it's big enough to cause harm to whomever it hits - even if it's only golf ball size. Wouldn't it be rich if a stumping candidate proclaimed, "If I'm lying to you, may God strike me dead!" and then...

I believe you have exceeded you best-by date. This interview caps it. Shut up and let people finish their sentence and actually answer your question. You might learn something. You kiss GOP ass when you interview them. Your bias is showing "bigly".

This is for and his goons This is what's required for an apology. Not the crap you pulled. You do not appear to have the manners, the courage, the manliness or the integrity to know what's required. So I spelled it out for you. Do it or resign.