Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Why get your hands dirty with Digital marketing when you have me? Hit me up now.

Something big is coming! Just finished a management board meeting with the CEO of Uptrax Technologies Limited and other members of the board, where the next big thing was discussed. Uptrax Technologies is pregnant and will soon give birth to the king of technology in Nigeria.

It’s Monday! If your goal sets you apart from the crowd, by all means stay alone. #takeoffpost#tech#technology#digitalmarketer

After a while I’ll be back to retrieve this. For now I’m still looking for money😁😁

On Monday I'm telling my boss "With due respect sir, do well o". Ph lifestyle as a PH Manchi.

Things dey happen for this PH o... Person wear "Driver" for polo but na back of Keke e hang. Abi driver don dey hang?

Distress sale 1 plot of Land, Location: Ada George. 15m Please RT

I don't believe in magic, but it happens everytime we close our eyes because our hearts magically touch and I wake up loving you more.

Head burst... head burst.... If blood no show, e no burst.

Flutter developer needed urgently. Requirements: 1. Corps member 2. Must be based in Portharcourt. Dm me.

I see two calabash for your fridge, you dey tell me to feel at home. I tell you say I no get house?.

App developers feeling like they've made it.

CEO, me and the guys had this picture taken during Liya's birthday party 🥳 Tomorrow's game and suya night, I'll personally display this workforce

This is what schooling in Nigeria can make you do.

Watch: El-Rufai’s Door Opener Has His Own Door Opener

Happy birthday to this wonderful colleague of mine.