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Jessica William

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People who don't judge by sex, color, where they're from, way they walk, talk, disability, people who are different, those who had bad past, sexual preferences, personal interests, and treat people like a human being are rare. You change world by judging less and helping humanity

The Japanese really do know how to sell things. I now want to get resident evil 4 VR for the oculus. We need more commercials like this world wide

XDA Developers: YouTube Music’s free plan is losing features, starting in November. via

Game Informer: Bethesda Teases New Doom Eternal Horde Mode In Biggest Free Update Yet, Out Next Week. via

Anime News Network: Hanasaku Iroha Character Designer Mel Kishida Reflects on Changing Attitudes Towards Fanservice In Japan. via

Grounded has added rpg stats, status elements, stronger weapons and armour, and better crafting elements. Grounded is going to be an amazing game. I can feel it

What do you want to see as 25th Anniversary for Tomb Raider? I personally want 4k hd remake for playstation 5, xbox series x, pc for Tomb Raider 1-4 for an anniversary and downgrade version for xbox one, nintendo switch, google stadia and ps4,

Who is ready for a new Saints Row? It is strange. I like only few things in Grand Theft Auto but utterly love Saints Row on the Xbox 360. This game looks great. What are your opinions? Do you have a favorite Saints Row series experience?

Are you to SCREAM again and love the suspense. Who lives and who dies? Let's scream. This classic genre is going to be awesome. Scream 5 is bringing back the survivors of previous 4 movies and scream legend Neve Campbell

Hideaki Anno Supervises Remastered Shin Complete Thunderbirds TV Compilation Alright...geek many people remember Thunderbirds tv series back in 1960's? It was a tv series with puppets. It is getting remastered for old and new audiences. Enjoy

... People who have seen Nightmare On Elm Street back in 1974 will know of this house. Someone is selling it. I hope a Nightmare on Elm Street fan buys it and turn it into Freddy's Paradise errr Nightmare hahaha

Thank you Alan Z and Jason Chu, I hope someday people will break the mold of hating those different from them and giving them hugs, warmth, compassion, and respect. I hope this world will change for the future. Music is universal language. No matter where you're from, music talks

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Atlanta rapper uses music to take on anti-Asian hate crimes. via

Here's an amazing rap artist with vibes. You got to hear to believe. It is that amazing. This is a new band from Warner Music. She is so good. You will want to sing with her and some people can relate to the music. You can follow and say hey.

If you remember Skid Row Youth Gone Wild, Nemophila plays it perfectly. I am glad. They are definitely back. I love this band. You will too. People should stop looking at their sex and see musicians who know how to play. They're definitely amazing

This was my very first song I heard by violet Orlando. I am glad I did. Every song is a home run

If you like great music, I highly recommend and listen to she knows music and knows it well. Her voice and songs are victorious

This song is actually Eagles song remade by Violet Orlandi. It puts a rock song into a metal version and sounds damn good. I would highly recommend this band. I would love to see this band play more Eagles songs. You will think so too after you hear it

: God of War (2018) is coming to PC. Good news pc fans, the new god of war from 2018 is coming to pc via