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When you're heading towards birthday number 14, a single cushion is never enough

KISS tour crew member dies from COVID after Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons both tested positive

This Financial Review piece is fucking vicious class warfare aimed at the majority of people. Between this and the pair of Gladys Berejiklian covers, AFR is on one wild trip atm.

Is this branch stacking...

Ummm, I mean, we can if you want to? That’s the whole point of Glasgow, Matty! You must have missed that when you were playing dress-ups…

Georgia: I work for you. My team secured this wheelchair through the VA for Army veteran Earnest Mason of Gainesville. We are here to serve you, too. Just call my office!

Minister Danny Pearson announced on 30 Oct, almost 4,000 music fans will be able to attend a live music event at the Myer Music Bowl. Tickets on sale 22 Oct. CHO has approved in line with COVID-safe plan. Must be 💉💉 & masks except for eating/drinking.

According the the conservatives it’s ok for Gladys Berejiklians legal bills of $10,000 per day, being granted by the taxpayers, but not ok for the ABC to pay for Louise Milligans legal fees.

Where would you rather live? TENNESSEE Population 6.9 million No lockdowns 1.55 MILLION 🦠Covid cases 15,812 🦠Covid deaths VICTORIA Population 6.7 million Lockdowns + Premier Andrews 70,900 🦠Covid cases 992 🦠Covid deaths Thank you Dan Andrews💫

🚨EXCLUSIVE🚨NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet drawn into ICAC scandal, was responsible for $5.5m gun club grant. Approved just weeks after staff raised serious concerns that it was "unusual" - and NSW Office of Sport saying it wanted "no involvement".

8 years, 3 PMs and 21 climate policies later, all Scott Morrison can deliver is more climate chaos.

Good news for the Jan. 6 Committee: The Trump executive privilege lawsuit has been assigned to Judge Tanya Chutkan, who has expressed horror about the Jan. 6 attack and extended sentences beyond what prosecutors have asked for in a couple cases.

: "I'm going to share a secret I've never shared before: I am immunocompromised. I have multiple sclerosis. So I'm grateful you're all vaccinated...."

Barnaby Joyce's Canberra climate wars are plain stupid. And, they risk seriously stuffing Australia's economy. Too little, too late from Scott Morrison the Fake.

Wild weather on the fourth day since Cleo Smith disappeared from a campsite in remote Western Australia has hampered search efforts on Tuesday.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said "precautions had to be taken because of the threats that were made" in the wake of the NT Government's announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for certain workers.

LABOR TOLD TO PREPARE FOR DEC 11 ELECTION Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has told the Labor party caucus meeting to prepare for a December election.

. Wildlife Hospital and are on phase three of a koala chlamydia vaccine trial which will see about 400 koalas receive a jab. Chlamydia affects 50% or more of the koala population - this vaccine is a game changer for vulnerable koala populations.

No matter where you are in Queensland, now is the time to get vaccinated 💉

Whether it's a ride to a vaccine centre or taking care of the kids - we're boosting support for Victorians who face barriers to get their jab. Because the vaccine is how we're moving past this pandemic. And we're not going to leave any Victorian behind.