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When Tavares turned down a meeting with Montreal Leaf fans Habs fans

Shane Wright shouldn’t go to the last place team, he should go to the team that struggles the most to score😃

Couldn’t watch the game tonight because I was out and I felt like I cheated my fellow Habs fans out so I went to watch the condensed game on the NHL app to feel pain 😅

At least it’s a good draft class this year

Matthew and marner = 23 million, 1 point Suzuki and caufield = 2 million, 0 point Leafs are spending 21 million more for 1 point 🥶

fav duos thread:

“Why do Habs fans always talk about Toronto? We Leaf fans never talk about Montreal”

If Johnathan Drouin's play is the result of taking time away and healing his mental health then Price may never allow another goal again

To make things worse Carolina is 2-0-0 I swear if Montreal ends 11-16 and the pick isn’t protected…

Well this is a new team

What’s the return on a bet for Toronto to miss the playoffs? And where can I make such bet?

Does anyone here use DK?

Ducharme says Hoffman might be able to play next Tuesday (Sharks) or Thursday (Hurricanes).

It took Tampa six periods to wake up from their Stanley Cup hangover and short offseason. Hopefully, it takes the Habs seven.

First time in a year and a half the Bell Centre will be full and you want to boo the team? That’s how you thank a team that put their blood sweat and tears into a finals run during a pandemic?!? Some of these fans are so toxic, go cheer for another team.

I get it’s been a rough 2 games but there’s 80 more. The amount of negativity I’m seeing everywhere is disappointing (although not surprising). Just from reading these tweets it made me more pessimistic about the Habs season. I looked up tankathon already and I’m ashamed.

Genuine question: Was Perry not on the ice for this? I don’t see him