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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Back home for the first time since Covid. How I have missed you

Good day. Imagine if it was a truly free market. (at the very least).

I hear the actual Big Bad in is

As promised, I hereby issue a "Strong BUY" signal for based on 6 pivotal run-up turning points in 2021. The bottom is 37.04 based on 100 EMA. NFA for observational purpose only. Historical evidence below:

I truly wonder what the reactions will be of everyone who won't have bought in at the 'high' prices of 35-100 (higher even) when happens. "Oh I heard about that reddit thing, thought it was a joke". It's been trending. Often. May want to look into it.

lookin hot so far 🔥. We’re gettin there…

You love to see it. Really.

DVORAK 100% FO!!!!

Very normal for vibe to be about leaf’s redemption and not at all about a team… I dunno… making it to the SCF. Plus ça change.

I completely understand this take. I respect those who feel this way, but I disagree that autologous CAR T should be the standard for allo CAR T. The standard should be other off the shelf therapeutics. Why? See thread.

Absolutely packed this Sunday for Bond downtown Boston. gonna make some more doubters

Twitter: the home of rapid fire juvenile posturing, shallow egos, unbridled jealousy, generating a tiny fraction of the revenue of its competitors.

Looks like Memorial Day Weekend is coming up. LFG

Facebook is down. Quick, get your aunts and uncles vaccinated