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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

We just hit 5,000+ views of the Furu’s serenading for his birthday. Well done, . Thanks a ton for sharing. Wait til you see what these Furus sing at Christmas. Cheers, everyone.

Hey, ! Great interview tonight with . Cheers, boys.

Man is pumping hard right now. Great to see. Let’s keep our emotions in check though lol. Buckle up. Roller coasters go up and down baby!

Look at these . This is our community in pup form. Lean on each other when times get ruff. If you’ve done the homework you know it’s all good. Literally all the data is there.

Morning, ! Stopped by the parents place today. Mom says, “Ok I’ve purchased 10k USDC. Can you show me again how to swap for and stake?” I’m a proud ass son right now. This is the real crypto, for real people. Lock up that asset baby!

I love helping out the OG’s, but , this is one of the most boring tasks I’ve ever undertaken. Whatever. Beats watching dump more lol.

From Zero to Hero with Shout out to and

Nice to see the poking some fun at the panicked sellers. He’s been in the space much longer than most of us. See ⬇️

We always say solves this. Well, in times of dips, solves this. I wonder, how long could you go without looking at the Hex price/staker app!?? Be honest lol!! I think I could go a week.

Morning, !!! Still staked? ✅ Still getting paid? ✅ Great opportunity for new buyers buy and set stakes? ✅ Coming out the other side of dips with more stakers then before we went in? Priceless. 🥩 & 🥶. Math is math. Enjoy your Sunday!

Let’s think… ETF. Maybe last leg of bull market. moved back to December. Hex pullback. I wouldn’t be surprised to see cheap until the snapshot. People are dumb, but are they dumb enough to miss the snapshot? Enjoy the chase people, but be careful! 🍀

Chill. The. Fuck. Out. If you’re staked you shouldn’t even care about the price. Don’t look at it. That’s the point of . Time in the market. An incredible asset that generates yield. Ever consider the dips as a function? It’s opportunity. 🥩 & 🥶.

Night, . Wanted to give these TA Titans a shout out! If you guys aren’t following them yet you should definitely check out & . ✌️

Remember sellers, there are hundreds of new stakers everyday, buying up that cheap and locking it away. are doing the same. After every dip we’re gonna come out the other side with less circulating . Price don’t mean shit when you 🥩 & 🥶.

, can you shake it like this!?? Old lady snapped a video of me messing about. Figured I’d spread the love because of this “scary” sideways consolidation from . Cheer up! At $1 I get to shake it like this in a Speedo! Start practicing . ✌️

I feel that at the end of this consolidation period we’re going to have some incredible . How about you ? What we feelin’?