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Asking for some help here, but a question to all Hab followers , with all the injuries and LTR , aren’t we icing a team far below the cap ? And is there an opportunity for Bergevin to add to this team or not?

Your best players have to be your best players , right now no one is doing that , it explains the 0-3 start and being down by 3 tonight

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Henry gets the 80 yd TD and could have called 3 holds , Bills get a 101 kickoff return guy throws arms up and it’s a hold , never change

100% BS by refs there , how did they spot the ball short on the Allen scramble to sideline?

Hell of a game in Tennessee! Bills ball now 👍

Looks like Bills are facing their toughest opponent tonight , so buckle up should be great the rest of the way

Disappointing loss but it’s game 3. Rangers first goal was lucky. My early thoughts is our 4th line has no jam , D is too slow … again and nothing on the horizon to look forward to on D.

How is chariot on ice in the last min and a half ?

Savard having a good game

Wiseman gets a penalty for what happens to Gallagher 10 times a game and never called 🙄

3 PPs in a row bound to get one , lucky off the skate there , but keep plugging boys

Rangers have really added a lot of weight to this lineup

I understand Carey not being there but where is the captain ?

Hahaha wideman

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Very happy for Drouin !

That one handed hook is such a dirty play 😂

Hey Bieska, did you forget Brendan Gallagher?