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Jessica William

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Frustration is watching S Bannon abuse the legal system and watching Kevin Strickland being abused by the legal system.

Ahmaud Arbery: Are we still questioning whether or not this was about race? After murdering this young black man, McMichael called Arbery, "a f*ckin n*gg*r." It was picked up on video/audio. This was absolutely about race.

This dude is a complete POS! But normal people already knew that.

His sweet deal is protection for the one half of one percent of West Virginia's population that rely on coal production. The other 99 and a half percent get fucked.

In America, the given practice of fairness being determined by the oppressor must end. Fairness in America must be determined by the meaning and fulfillment of being fair.

Usually, when a Senator(s) has key vote power, their state ends up getting a sweet deal as compromise for the vote. Crickets in the sweet deal category for Arizona and West Virginia or does somebody know something?

Maybe if we spent more money in Mexico, it’s neighbors and South America for manufacturing partnerships… Stop telling me what China has like no one else can do it, that’s bullshit. A long term investment wins for the entire hemisphere.

Karma fo’sho’ has two people to visit, one man and one woman. I hope the visit is soon. I know all you experts out there say this is how Democracy is supposed to work, it’s messy, but as a common man, I call bullshit!

The gop and rich and people like Joe Manchin tell working people they don’t want to turn society into an “entitlement program”. As he sits on his Yacht that he got with corrupt money for doing nothing but helping polluters. Our society is an entitlement program for the rich.

From a foreign perspective - since forever. I have described it as "cut-throat". Merciless to those who can't pull themselves up by their bootstraps (which we all know is a myth anyway) - and then setting up systems to ensure certain people will always fail.

America. Our nation who always has the money to do what it wants to do, but never has the money to do what it needs to do. Sigh.

I’m still pissed about this cop kicking a man in face when he’s down on the ground. People on the train allowing a woman to be sexually assaulted. Elected officials who wouldn’t know missing a meal or rent payment if it smacked them in the face holding others back. Pissed.

When did America become the ‘you’re on your own’ country? Did I miss the memo?

Good Morning ☀️

Here is your reminder that the great detective Charlie Chan was portrayed by a white man, although his son was portrayed by an Asian actor. Bruce Lee was rejected for the lead role in Kung Fu. America.

So I’m talking to my dad earlier this evening and find out that his oldest brother (SIP), my uncle went to High School with General Powell (SIP).

A real man would never do this to another man who is clearly down and unable to defend himself. When police do this it makes look small and desperate to be a man.

I wouldn’t piss on you if you were in the middle of the street on fire. Is this who we are now?