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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Played Trump International today. love this place. thanks for having me 🇺🇸

finished product of the truck 😍😍. Thank you for hooking it up as always!

any of my followers live in the Fort Lauderdale area and want to host me and a friend next weekend at their golf course?

way to go . Thank you for standing up for your rights and showing the world it ain’t about money to you.

got his mommas hair line too! haha. glad they are doing well brotha! 🙏🏼

still no bag after 24 hours

May God find peace for this beautiful family and catch the scumbag(s) who did this.

my new adopted home

well i’m officially done with you . golf bag didn’t make it to miami and didn’t make it back to Charleston.

America is the greatest country because we are “The Land of the Free”. But we won’t be free for much longer. All our rights are being taken away by these corrupt politicians right before our very eyes.

Liberals want all the power. they want to take power away from all of us. They don’t care if you are a liberal as well. All your rights will be taken away if we continue to go down the road we are going down. Communism at its finest.

i know everyone knows how Trump got kicked off of social media but i bet everyone doesn’t know Big tech literally shadow bans other conservatives. They make it so you can’t even search their names on social media platforms. Why would they do that? they don’t want the truth public

when someone doesn’t like you or unfollows you because you show your support of being a conservative on a public stage 😂. I love America sorry. I won’t hate you if you have different views than me this isn’t how that works.

walking around The Battery after brunch and met an amazing couple that gave us a tour of their house 😍

28 days around the sun. Feeling blessed for everything in my life. This year has been tough but i know God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers! Much love y’all.

got the windows tinted. Next stop is to get the chrome blacked out new shoes and lifted 3 inches. 😍

shared this with my followers on instagram yesterday. We love you mom 😘😘😘

Congrats to and on winning the two bags full of my old gamer equipment! for the rest of you i’m sorry haha, i’ve never won a contest in my life either but i promise to do more of these in the future!