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Jessica William

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Earlier this week, I announced the advancement of three key infrastructure projects for the Tampa Bay region. These projects are part of a plan to modernize Tampa’s interstate system, something that will provide benefits to commuters and visitors alike.

The Air Force has been protecting our skies and citizens for 74 years. Thank you to the men and women of the Air Force for your continued dedication to keeping our nation free and safe.

It has been over two weeks since I sent a letter to several Biden administration officials asking for basic information about the evacuation efforts of Americans trying to exit Afghanistan. Floridians deserve transparency - when can we expect answers?

On , we can reflect on how fortunate we are to have a written Constitution and must be wise to threats facing Constitutional government. As Benjamin Franklin said after the Constitution was created — we have a republic, if you can keep it.

I will fight like hell to overcome Biden’s cruel decision to drastically reduce lifesaving monoclonal antibody treatments for Floridians. We've seen steep reductions in hospital admissions due to early treatment efforts. It’s wrong to penalize Florida for his partisan bitterness.

Watch Now: Governor DeSantis awards Cuban exile and decorated American veteran Felix Rodríguez the Governor's Medal of Freedom.

We're going to protect these jobs. We're going to protect these people's families. We're going to protect their livelihoods.

Gov. DeSantis visits the Lillian S. Wells Women’s Center in Broward to hear from Floridians who recovered from COVID with the help of monoclonal antibody treatments. Watch Live:

Congratulations to the University of Florida for being ranked a top 5 public university.

Our military is always there for us, and we are proud to support our military installations and communities in Florida.

. and I wish everyone observing an easy and meaningful fast.

Live Now: Governor DeSantis announces more than $3.4 million in funding for military communities and bases across the state of Florida.

Florida is the “Education State.” Today I announced our plan to make Florida the first state to fully transition to progress monitoring. No more FSA testing. No more Common Core.

Governor DeSantis introduces the new Florida Assessments of Student Thinking (F.A.S.T) progress monitoring for Florida students – individualized, short, check-in assessments that will take hours, not days & reduce overall test time by 75%.

Watch Now: Governor Ron DeSantis holds a press conference to announce a bill to eliminate the Florida Standards Assessment – the final step to end Common Core in Florida.

Governor DeSantis is in the Tampa Bay area today to announce the advancement of several transportation projects. Watch Live:

Governor DeSantis holds a press conference to address the recent attacks on Floridians’ freedoms. Watch Live:

Live Now: Governor Ron DeSantis highlights University of Florida’s rise in the U.S. News and World Report rankings.

This past week, we awarded $1.9 million to three rural communities to improve infrastructure and expand broadband internet access. Glad to assist with these important infrastructure projects.