Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Heya, I’m Ale. I draw sometimes and these are my accounts on other social media! • •gingeralefella on IG •AleKun#4444 on Discord • My notifs are off for people I don’t follow so please dm me if you need to say anything!

updated my carrd with a DNI section please go check it out

I think the funniest part abt my train wreck that was this year was no one here knew when my bday was or celebrated it because I was off twitter for weeks due to mourning/my life going to utter garbo, and my bday itself was so bad my family did it twice

This is still open, I really want to hear where I should improve.

Doodles of moots ocs

(AU) Oh hey Susie

Lrt shout out to my 7+ ft tall monster girl ocs

The fact I lost the brush I used for these still haunts me

Your new neighbor

The fact this is accurate says a lot abt my oc designs

Oomf is being kinda… 😕

My previous work compelled me to make this. | Drawtober | Deltarune |

imma need yall to draw her

Spamton really is just a little character

I have never had this many people latch onto a character this quickly and of all of them it’s HER

Why are so many people down bad for this literal cryptid woman

Do y’all ever???? See Sussy deltarune???? And suddenly you’re sussy deltarune too???? Like??? Sussy Deltarune????????