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Jessica William

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The Montreal Canadiens will make the playoffs in the 2021-22 season!

Twitter has till tomorrow to verify Gondek. What will happen first, her being sworn in as Calgary’s first female mayor, or the verification? Tik Tok Twitter!

BREAKING NEWS: Don’t believe people who aren’t verified.

October commercials are the weirdest. - Christmas commercials have started - summer commercials still hanging around

Habs need a…. Curse Reverse

If Gallagher’s was interference, KKs was high sticking.

Brett Kulak looks like the third astronaut in the capsule that nobody cares about.

Did you know Chris Wideman was so good looking? I did not know this!

I feel like I’m going to be forced to watch Squid Game, hate it. Then use that as a measuring stick for people who suggest shows.

I was against booing KK until I heard them. Now I want to join in on the fun.

Weren’t people were saying Kulak is good?

At least they’re not doing the dump and chase on the PP

This league is BS

I have yet to wear my jersey this season, and haven’t put the bandana on my doggo. This start is my fault.

E Kane after he bet on the Habs

I don’t think Ducharme should be mad at the players. The players should be mad at Ducharme! This is a joke.

People who want to remove the NHLs dress code. Look how stupid Tavares looked last night. Keep the class!

When did Remple publicly pull her support for known pedophile Sean Chu?

Jyotis first line of her speech should be about Tkachucks stick save from the bench.