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Jessica William

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My day has been made. Watching white women lose they minds seeing AOC in the dress. Brown is beautiful ❤️

You DO NOT call a woman “cupcake”!!!!!!!!! Especially one of the best and serious activist on twitter. You GOT THAT? Sweetie?

Oh another yt person saying an attack on an Asian girl ain't about race. How precious.

Oh wait... I ain't playing no victim bish. I called that fool out for her white privileged attack on another. Now take your white privilege and your Assumptions and 🖕🏽 off

And what was the stupid shit she said fool? That she feeds the homeless and sometimes hugs them? Come at a poc and I'll drag yo azz.

Please retweet this clip of Larry Elder talking about how slave owners deserve reparations for having their property taken from them. The man is off his rocker & totally unfit to run a trillion-dollar economy. He's a dangerous extremist.

is NO Leader- He Believes Owners of "Enslaved" deserve -GTFOH🤬 Against ALL Ignorance in Solidarity & Unite as

Greg Roman calls a HB toss and 2nd and 15 this man is a terrorist

For those who contract with severe illness it is the equivalent of having 'whopping cough' (Pertussis) or Pneumonia. Most people get vaccinated to prevent these respiratory infections. 669K people who died from COVID no longer have that option.

Starting with Trump, now Elder, the GOP will bring questions to our elections. They have become third world authoritarian regimes that will destroy our nation.

People go to see Jim Breuer? Jim Breuer does shows? Who is Jim Breuer?

We are in a Civil Rights Moment NOW- Do POC have More Allies in the White Cmty? Show Us by Speaking Up & Showing Up W/POC . Help Amplify Our Voices & - The White Vote is NEEDED to combat the GQP. Against Racism in Solidarity /be 👇🏽

Guylynn Elizabeth St.Pierre If you have information please call: 807-728-0244

Yesterday came a Honduran lady, she's from Honduras," said Ms. Chacon. "And she didn't [notify] anyone about the missing of her husband. She was afraid because they have no documents.

My Sista - 🔥🔥🔥 "WE are each other's Keeper"