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Jessica William

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US hospitals are overwhelmed with patients suffering from COVID. NOT with patients suffering side effects from the vaccine.

Halyna Hutchins should be trending number one on Twitter, not Alec Baldwin. As a union sister in the Cinematographer's Guild, ., her death on the set of Rust reminds us that safety in the workplace is a basic human right. Period.

🎃 Happy Friday! Since Cornholio and Beavis are trending along with the rediculous , this video came to mind: RT-Follow-Follow

A man went to the carnival with a woman he met on Tinder. “What do you want to do?” he asked “I want to get weighed” So he took her to the “Guess your weight” booth “Now what”, he asked “I want to get weighed” Exasperated, he left The woman sighed, “That was a wousy date”

Texas deserves better than a racist, misogynist, callous, fool for Governor.

Buenos Dias chicos y chicas! Warm wishes for a fabulous Friday! A great day to make someone or ones day extra special. I’m sure you know how. Just do it! Love to all!♥️♥️♥️

Devin Nunes will raise $25M to keep his seat in Congress and accept it from the slimiest donors. We will raise a small amount to unseat him b/c our goal is to expose him and to get out the vote. Your $20 donation = about $2K that Nunes raises. Chip in:

Happy "TGIF" Twitter Users Oct. 22 😃 Some helpful stuff I learn from being on Twitter for 9 years...

Feels like there are a zillion scandals a month Republicans get in that would result in my expulsion or sanction if I ever did the same I know it’s a tired thing to say, but over time it’s a bummer to experience how systematically an institution treats different people

I wore a dress a month ago and people lost their minds in vitriol and attack. Meanwhile we have members fraudulently claiming positions to access confidential information, abusing campaign funds, and raking in big pharma cash while blocking leg and we just normalize it and shrug

It never stops astounding me how much caution and work goes in every single day to get everything right, 2x as good, to avert even the perception of a mistake, bc if one happens it’s explosive. Just to look aside & know if you did anything close to what your peers do it’d be over

Buenas noches chicos y chicas! Time for me to put Twitter away until tomorrow. Thanks for letting me share your Twitter day! Hasta manana. Love to all!♥️♥️♥️ Sweet dreams!

RT if you have more Twitter followers than Donald Trump. And follow us and watch our youth-led movement crush his biggest crony Devin Nunes.

In 1993 Republicans argued that passage of the Brady Bill would lead to more violent crime.